Saturday, October 4, 2014

Doctor Who-Kill The Moon

                       Noticing Courtney Woods' further self destructive behavior following her journey with the doctor on the TARDIS,Clara insists that the doctor find a way to tell Courtney that she is special. His answer is to take her and Clara on a journey to the moon. When they arrive however,the year is 2049 and they find themselves in a makeshift NASA space shuttle filled with nuclear explosives.  While Courtney takes in her surroundings,the doctor confers with the shuttles crew led by Lundvik,who informs him that they've been sent by Earth in an extreme hurry because the planet is encountering massive ecological disruptions due to unknown changes in the moon.

                     Since the gravity of the moon appears to suddenly be strong enough to allow human beings to walk effectively upon it? The doctor determines the moon is being weighed down by something enormous. So he,Clara,Courtney and Lundvik's team take a walk along the lunar surface to a Mexican scientific expedition that had sent an SOS to Earth and had apparently been killed. When there they discover a spider-like alien who kills the last of Lundvik's crew. While a confused an board Courtney returns to the TARDIS,following her using window cleaner to kill the creature before it attacked her,the doctor determines said alien is actually an enlarged germ.

                        Upon returning to where the other astronauts on Lundvik's team had died,the doctor and his team locate masses of these creatures just under the moons surface. A gigantic moon quake causes the makeshift shuttle to sink-including it's nuclear weapons. With only Lundvik's activation device and the Mexican station as a base camp? The doctor announces that the alien creates are in fact bacteria on a much large organism-one he has been able to pinpoint with his sonic screwdriver: a giant dragon-like flying creature.  The doctor gives Lundvik two choices-allow the creature to hatch and see what happens or destroy it with the nuclear weapons on the shuttle.

                            Interestingly enough? The doctor leaves Clara,Lundvik and Courtney alone to work out the situation-since it is there moon. Yet with their knowledge that it's actually a hatching egg with a gestation period of millennia? An ethical argument ensues wherein Earth control contacts Lundvik. Clara explains the situation and to answer them by turning the planets entire light system off. Earth turns them off just in time-indicating they wish the creature destroyed but Clara stops Lundvik from initiating the weapons when she hears the doctors TARDIS.

                              The doctor proceeds to take them all to watch the moon explode and the creature emerge-flying away after laying another egg-which will last as Earth's moon until probably the end of time itself. He also tells Lundvik that humanity witnessing this even,their first extra terrestrial sighting,encourages them to renew their interest in space exploration and begins a new age for humanity. Before returning Clara and Courtney to Earth,Clara angrily rails out at the doctor for essentially terrifying her and potentially his other companions and demands that she discontinue her travels in the TARDIS. She returns to Coal Hill,seeking comfort in her disappointment and anger from Danny Pink.

                               Personally I find this to be the most absorbing and  consummately   enjoyable episodes of Series 8 as it's so far occurred. It speaks to my exact views on space exploration-that the wonderful discoveries that await us from it will inspire future generations to do great things in friendship to sustain itself by moving on into the cosmos. As they do in this case,realizing the moon is actually a life form. Hermione Norris turns in an amazing performance as Lundvik-very much a one episode companion in and of herself. While I am at this point unsure? This might well be Clara's last journey with the doctor. Never in my time watching Doctor Who have I witnessed a companion so outraged and disappointed at the doctors behavior as Clara was at the conclusion of this story. As Danny Pink suggested to her however,how will she feel when her anger fades away?
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