Monday, July 22, 2013

Bonnie Langford-A Very Happy 49th Birthday!

                              In 1986 actress Bonnie Langford was chosen to succeed Nicola Bryant as Colin Baker's sixth doctor's new companion Melanie "Mel" Bush,the "computer programmer from Pease Pottage".  Though she was the transitional companion between the sixth and seventh doctors, her time on the show was extremely short lived as she was only featured in six Doctor Who serials,two with Colin Baker and four with Sylvester McCoy before herself being succeeded by Sophie Aldred's Ace in 1988. Known before Doctor Who for her children's entertainment project Bonnie has continued acting in theater and has maintained involvement in Doctor Who-known for her friendliness and likability among Whovians. So today I wish Bonnie a very happy birthday.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Doctor Who-The Gunfighters

                 The last ballad of the Last Chance Saloon is about to be sung as the doctor,Steven and Dodo arrive in Tombstone just in time for the infamous gunfight between the Earps and the Clanton's at the O.K. Corral. Of course upon arriving the doctor,suffering from a toothache is recommended by Bat Masterson himself to visit Doc Holiday. Steven and Dodo,masquerading as a musical troupe, wind up entertaining the Clanton's at the saloon. During the extraction,the doctor distracts the Clanton's who've paid a visit by making them think he is holiday. Holiday gets the idea to skip town before the ensuing shootout with his fiancee Kate. Meanwhile the doctor maintains the guise while making the entire Clanton family think hes on their side when entering the saloon. When she becomes aware of the trickery,Holiday holds Dodo hostage while he and Kate skip town until,in the end Dodo holds Holiday up holiday with his his rifle and forces him to return her to Tombstone.

                       Meanwhile fellow outlaw and ex lover of Kate,non other than Johnny Ringo returns to town-killing the Last Chance's barkeep Charlie for knowing his name,thinking he would foil his plans. Steven himself is almost hung in the ensuing confusion over the true identity of the doctor. When Wyatt Earp himself sees how well the doctor has handled the situation, he deputizes him and he elects to attempt to talk piece to the Clanton's before the inevitable bloodshed he despises. Ringo meanwhile is raising distrust between the Clanton's and the Earps-playing each side against the other until Holiday's return with Dodo. Holiday of course learns of Kate rekindling of her relationship with Ringo and desides to join the Clantons side in the ensuing conflict-heated up further when Warren Earp is gunned down. Steven,held by Pa Clanton, is given back over the the doctor and Dodo during the shootout-after which they escape following Ringo's murder by Holiday to the TARDIS-where he and Kate thank the doctor and his companions before they depart.

                       One of the few purely farcical historical stories Doctor Who ever did,this does an excellent job at pointing out the highly absurd "clishe ridden convention of the American West",as the doctor himself calls it in the conclusion of the story. And this story is full of them. Actors seemingly flubbing their Western accents on purpose,the narrative song "Ballad Of The Last Chance Saloon" that seems to annoy some Whovians (but which I personally find a hoot) and the characters constant emphasis on their guns. Of course within the story,the doctors adamantly maintained dislike of firearms projected throughout this story point to a very implied anti gun message. Every character,even the Earp's themselves are continually shown behaving totally irresponsibly when handling their six shooters. Of course its the 19th century American West-that was part of both the charm and the impropriety of the era. Of course its an era the doctor,unlike the very enthusiastic Dodo and Steven, is not particularly fond of and is all too willing to leave-even with the story playing out with all its comical ironies. Overall,this story is a good deal of fun.  


Friday, July 12, 2013

Doctor Who-The Ark

                  The doctor,Steven and Dodo find themselves in a jungle that Dodo-suffering from a mild cold, is sure is the Whipsnade Zoo she visited on a field trip. The realization that this jungle contains two of every animal on Earth leads the doctor to find they are on a spaceship. Once within the control area they meet the Guardians,humans leaving an Earth about to descend into its sun to colonize the nearest Earth-like planet Refusis III. A group of guardians are awake to look after the spaceship,which Dodo correctly compares to Noah's Ark, while the rest of humanity as been reduced to microscopic size and place is cryogenic suspension for the 700 year multi generational journey. The Guardians are helped by the Monoids,non verbal humanoid cyclopes who came to Earth to impart their knowledge but have been reduced to a lower order servant class. 

            After Mellium,daughter of the Guardian Commander shows them the multi generational statue built over time during their journey to honor their ancestors and descendants, her father falls ill and the doctor and his companions are suddenly prime suspects by Guardian head of security Zentos.  Since the cold was cured on Earth millennia ago,Dodo's is more virulent to their society. After Steven volunteers himself as a representative for the trial,he too falls ill and the Guardian Commander orders from his own sick bed that Steven be used as a guinea pig for the doctor-who did claim responsibility for the illness,to help find a cure. Using fluid from every animal,the doctor is able to synthesize the original vaccine for the common cold-curing Steven and the Guardians as well. After Zentos,the Commander,his daughter Mellium and attorney Baccu thank them and bid them farewell. Upon leaving in the TARDIS the doctor and his companions find themselves in the same place-only to find the statue has been completed to resemble a Monoid.

              They find that shortly before arriving on Refusis III,the virus that had once nearly killed the humans had weakened many of them-to the point where the put upon Monoids were able to force them into building vocal translators for them so that the Monoids could stage a revolution against the humans,reduced themselves now to a labor class,allowing the Monoids alone to colonize Refusis III for their own new life. And the Monoids reveal that they have planted a nuclear bomb to destroy the humans on the Ark upon their departing Upon journeying to the surface of the planet in one of the Ark's colony ships while Steven stays behind to help locate the bomb,the doctor discovers an entire empty humanoid city-populated by no one but the non corporeal Refusians,who built the facilities for the humans they now welcomed-if only they would use the planet in peace. After pointing out to the Monoid Leader Four the error of his ways,he turns against his fellow treacherous monoids and reveals the location of the bomb inside the Moinoid statue,which is ejected from the Ark in time when the Refusians offer both humans and Monoid to colonize their world if only,that is they are willing to live in peace as equals.

                This is a fantastic Doctor Who story and one of my personal favorites in the programs earlier history. For her short time and use of Mod catch phrases such as "gear" and "fab",much to the doctors irritation proves herself a well adjusted and helpful companion-using good sense thinking to get herself,Steven and even the doctor out of sticky situations. She learns quickly and tends to see the glass as half full in life. The story itself is an excellent treatise on unspoken slavery. Though touting themselves as enlightened and peaceful,the Guardians at the beginning of their journey hardly even notice the subservient position they have put the Monoids into. That is,of course it isn't too late. While the exploited Monoids nearly end up becoming the exploiters themselves, it is not the doctor but the very enlightened Refusians,using their guise of non corporeality as a cover,who help both human being and Monoid to see the era of their ways. The writing is sharp,the dialog is involving and the story is extremely well paced. Even the special effects are surprisingly effective. An excellent story,one of only two full surviving featuring Dodo Chaplet and highly recommended to all Whovians who have not yet seen it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 72nd Birthday Jackie Lane!

                           If your someone who has gotten into Doctor Who via DVD as I have and blinked once too often, you might've missed Jackie Lane's presence in Doctor Who. She portrayed Dodo Chaplet for six months from February 1966 alongside William Hartnell's first doctor. Dodo was an important companion as she anticipated the "everyday person" style of companion such as Donna Noble-so undaunted and stumbling through the doctors adventures she sometimes didn't have time to scream or be rescued. Originally in line for the role of Carole Ann Ford's Susan, Jackie's Dodo was not participating in the show during its most successful months of the period and the character was written out. Interestingly enough she went on to found Jackie Lane Ad Voice. As a theatrical agent she represented Janet Fielding,Nicholas Courtney and Tom Baker. Although she is a very underrated companion, her place is Doctor Who history wound up more vital and important than perhaps even she thought. A very happy 72 to Jackie and her family!

Doctor WHo-The Monster Of Peladon

                      Once again,this time with Sarah Jane Smith the doctor finds himself (though unintentionally) on Peladon-though half a century into its future from where he had arrived. Since the doctors previous visit some disturbing developments have occurred on the planet. The planet have become divided into two classes: an ruling one lead by Queen Thalira-daughter of the late King Peladon, and Chancellor Ortron who are employing a miner class,led by a man Gebek to mine the mineral trisilicate. The miners,especially the angry Ettis, are demanding for improved conditions while Thalira and Ortron are dealing with a war against the Federation by Galaxy 5. Meanwhile some of the miners have been destroyed by what they think to be visions of Aggedor,the once "curse" of Peladon while Ortron-who answers to the authority of an oracle of Aggedor,is convinced same as the miners that Aggedor must be appeased through sacrifice and should decide the punishment of the doctor whom,along with Sarah Jane have pledged to help unite the miners and the Pel ruling class but whom Ortron views with extreme suspicion due to wartime urgency. 

                Upon being released by the Queen from Aggedor,of course an "old friend" of the doctor from their previous encounter Ettis leads an attack on the Citidel to steal a weapon called a sonic lance,which he intends to use to to destroy the entire citidel along with the trisilicate mines if necessary. With the help of another of the doctors old friend Ambassador Alpha Centauri and Enginer Eckersley,in charge of the refinery call in the Federation for help Oroton attempts to recapture the doctor when he believes he is working for Gebek and the miners against the Pels. This is disturbed when,after investigating a mysterious onlooker when Sarah trips off a security program at the refinery that this particular onlooker is actually Ice Warrior Commander Azaxyr,who wishes to put the striking miners instantly back to work to obtain the valuable trisilicate. Through investigations of their own Sarah and the doctor discover that Azaxyr is not working with the Federation but is in fact from a radical faction of Ice Warriors.

            With Azaxyr trying to control Peladon's trisilicate supply,Gebek leads the miners into making them believe they are mining while they plan a new defensive with the doctor and Sarah. As it turns out Eckersley is working with Azaxyr for the promise of an enormous sum of money and the promise of power over the region. During this time his trickery has led Ettis to believe that the doctor is working against the miners and Ettis is killed by the sonic lance's self destruction. The doctor finds out that Eckersley has been manipulating the entire outcome of the war with Galaxy 5 using a matter projection device to use the oracle of Aggedor as a weapon. And once in the control room uses the device for the benefit of the miners and the Queen following Ortron's death. While the ensuing conflict  results in the near death of the doctor via Eckersley's brain destroying sonic alarm,Azaxyr is ultimately killed. The doctor and Sarah are graciously thanked by Queen Thalira and she asks the doctor to be her new chancellor  He departs with Sarah Jane suggested Gebek is the ideal man for the job.

                This story follows up The Curse Of Peledon and is not quite as popular as that story. Perhaps one reason is that there are so many twists and turns in the plot of the this six part serial, I even found it difficult to review it adequately. The key to this story is mistrust. Though on opposing sides Ortron,Ettis and Eckersley (who plays neutral in the early parts of this serial) are all suspicious of the doctors offers of help to their society. But as usual,he never gives up-as when in the end Aggedor himself is killed in the same struggle that leads to Eckersley's death. Queen Thalira is in the precise same position as her father. This represents part of the emotional roller coaster this story provides for Sarah Jane Smith. While at first with the doctors suggestion empowering the overwhelmed Queen of women's liberation, Sarah Jane is also lingered on while in tears when she believed Eckersley's sonic device had actually killed the doctor. Every character in this story,in particular the emotionally mercurial Alpha Centauri  ambassador ends up taking a similar ride in this story. It is a Doctor Who episode that is easier to watch than to discuss. But in terms of its treatise on fear and mistrust overcoming good judgement,its more than worth ones viewing.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Doctor Who-Invasion Of The Dinosaurs

                            The doctor returns Sarah Jane Smith back to Earth after their adventure in the middle ages to find London completely abandoned. After being set upon by what seem to be a Pterodactyl and a Tyrannosaurus Rex,the doctor and Sarah Jane find themselves arrested as suspects in a crime wave surrounding martial law being declared on the city. Of course they are rescued by UNIT and Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart, who have set up a temporary HQ as the city's 8,000 inhabitants were evacuated when the dinosaurs the doctor and Sarah had encountered began randomly appearing and disappearing throughout the city-causing havoc and enforcement of martial law following the resulting looting. Charles Grover,an important leader in environmental science is called in to lead the investigation. The doctor uses a specialized device to stun the Tyrannosaurus,intending the herbivore Brontosaurus as his target, to study this unusual time phenomenon. Sarah is nearly killed when she convinces the skeptical Captain Finch,head of the operation to photograph this event. Her subsequent investigations lead to the possibility of scientist Professor Whitaker, condemned by his peers for his experiments in time travel, of perhaps being behind the events at hand. When Sarah leads Grover on an investigation of the Professors files,she discovers much to her surprise that  her suspicions were correct.
                         The the Professor and his compatriots have installed their experiments below the ground in a sealed bunker powered by its own nuclear reactor. Sadly she comes to learn that Grover is part of the conspiracy with the Professor. After being put in an interrogation chamber, she wakes up to find herself on a spaceship populated by Utopian intellectuals believing they are journeying with chosen humans to repopulate a newly discovered Earth-like planet in an attempt not to make the mistakes of Earth's conflicted society. While imprisoned here for her assertion this concept is ill founded,Sarah finds out the airlock is actually doorway outside and they aren't on a spaceship at all. While investigating with the Brigadier at Trafalgar Square Station he discovers Whitaker's base and,eventually the entirety of the plan: Whitaker is heading up Operation Golden Age,using a time field to reverse time on Earth to a more primitive state where a select few humans can build a more egalitarian environment. And that Grover,Finch and even UNITS own Captain Yates are all coordinators of this affair. In the end Whitaker and Grover are sent back to their "golden age" by their own device as it is disconnected from the reactor by the doctor. Finch is court-martialled,Yates put on temporary sick leave and the doctor tempts Sarah Jane Smith to accompany him on another journey in the TARDIS.

              Intended obviously as a showcase for the presence of dinosaurs, the result is the one story of the classic Doctor Who era where the special effects completely fall apart-in particular overuse of an extremely poorly realized Tyrannosaurs. Even so the dinosaurs themselves are only a mild catalyst for the true action of this story. Aside from the critical FX gaffe, this is one of the most consistently strong and enjoyable stories of the third doctor era. The story of eugenics desperate enough to prevent the birth of billions of human beings due to ecological and sociopolitical strife is very much the flip side of the story presented in The Green Death,where humanist environmentalists are depicted as heroic-where higher profile ones are portrayed as villainous egoists here. While the plight and betrayal of the misguided Yates was heartbreaking for Whovians I'm sure,this presents enormous growth for the Brigadier. In this story he is presented as the doctors loyal and capable companion-in an atypically and fully agreeable manner willing to listen to all sides before making his moves,military or otherwise.  Shows the characters growth from very doubting to an expansion of mindset. Again Sarah Jane Smith is given almost more to do then they doctor. She doesn't need him to rescue her. In fact she actually helps him save all of human kind from a fate worse than death: never having even existed.



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jon Pertwee-A Portrait Of An Actor As A Timelord

                                 They say a timelord is immortal-not dying but regenerating,living forever barring accident. Such a thing is not true however of human beings. If he had lived to today,this would've been the 94th birthday of Jon Pertwee. Born in 1919 and passing in 1996,just as Doctor Who made a noble if aborted comeback probably no other actor made more significant contributions to the character of the doctor than Pertwee. His era in the program bought Doctor Who into the world of color television. We also learned the name of his home world,and a good deal about the personal life of the doctor as well. He became less of a mystery yet more of an enigma. This doctor was a "act first,worry later" type of secret agent  figure-with a love for gadgets rivaling only that of 007 himself. He was also a good listener,compassionate,arrogant,dashing and very wise. Pertwee made the doctor into an extremely complex individual. In this case,much related from the actor to the character.

                     Coming from a venerable acting family,Pertwee had youth very ingratiating to someone who would one day play this extra terrestrial time lord who,fundamentally was an anti bullying figure. While at boarding school he himself was a victim of bullying-both from headmasters and other students. Even during drama he was thrown out of many productions. During his time in the Royal Navy he developed his love for gadgets of all sorts that stayed with him the rest of his life. After a long period of acting primarily in children's comic roles he was offered two very significant roles in his native UK-Dad's Army and of course Doctor Who. He chose the latter. And as it turned out this was one of the best decisions of his life. He became very deeply involved in the show-having a great deal of say in the production and casting choices-especially when it came to his leading ladies. He was particularly keen in literally giving the okay to actress Elizabeth Sladen for the role of Sarah Jane Smith in 1973.

                    There are many things I could say about Jon Pertwee. But in my only year and half exposure to Doctor Who he is one of the actors portraying this character whom I have much admiration for. He was primarily a good man who made no qualms about his advocacy of the same types of values the doctor stood for. He probably bought more of himself to the role than either of his two predecessors had-paving the way for actors heavily personalizing their portrayals of the doctor. In many ways he was a non conformist who worked within the rather rigid establishment of early 70's BBC. During his time in the program Doctor Who directly tackled many real life social issues-especially that of nuclear arms race, ecology and feminism.  This was helped by having the doctor largely marooned on Earth during Pertwee's first two series' of the program-surrounded by the well meaning but military based UNIT family. So to the family of this compelling man,in particular his actor son Sean,I hope every Whovian the world (and worlds) over is celebrating the anniversary of this compelling individuals birthday. 

-The following is a video I made in tribute to the late Mr.Pertwee and the incarnation of the doctor he portrayed.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Doctor Who-The Time Warrior

                       When an exotic star appears in England during the middle ages,a roguish robber baron called Irongron  ends up playing host to an alien named Linx,who the humans believe to be an armored wizard. His spaceship has malfunctioned and he requires assistance in repairs. With the primitive humans unable to effect them,Links looks elsewhere. Meanwhile twelve major scientists have disappeared. As a result the Brigadier has ordered UNIT to sequester the remaining ones,including the doctor,Professor Rubeish and a lady whom they believe to be virologist Lavinia Smith but is,in fact her niece Sarah Jane-who was reporting for UNIT in lieu of her aunts journey to America. The doctor uses his research to trace the Osmic Projector apparently used to transport the scientists,including Rubeish and decides to locate them in the TARDIS-unaware that he has a curious stowaway in non other than Sarah Jane Smith,whose convinced that the doctor is himself responsible for the kidnappings after discovering his highly advanced technology. After cavorting about the castle commandeered by Irongron and his men,the doctor the armored wizard (Linx) to be a Sontaran,a race of alien warriors in perpetual war with a race called the Rutans. 

                  And that Linx is using an optical hypnotism device to control the 12 scientists whom he kidnapped using the Osmic Projector from the 20th century. Rubeish is unaffected by his poor vision and is able to help the doctor find a way to warn Sir Edward of Essex of Irongrons plans-to use the firearms Linx has supplied him with to rob Sir Edward and his court as a favor for using Irongrons castle as a base from which to repair his ship with his human slave labor. Sarah finaly learns of the doctors benevolent intention when both meet before Sir Edward and,with his help the doctor and Sarah hatch a plot to foil Linx and Irongron,and return the enslaved scientists to their time. While collecting food for the starving scientists,Sarah ends up a cook. She puts a sleeping potion into the food being prepared for Igornron's men-which enambles one of Sir Edwards men Hal to help her and Doctor get into Linx's work chamber to destroy his ship after Rubeish has used the Osmic Projector to send the other scientists back to where they came from and kill Linx in his ship before it can depart. After thanking Hal for his assistance,he watches as Sarah Jane and the doctor depart in the TARDIS.

                  This is a very important third doctor story. It is the very first to use the second third doctor opening-featuring the Doctor Who logo used throughout Tom Baker's 70's era run on the show as well. Right off the bat Elizabeth Sladen's introduction as Sarah Jane Smith is a memorable one. Her character is at the very heart of this story in face. Through the cruelty of the Sontaran Linx-nearly starving his captures to death as well as the sexism and excessive violence of Earth's past Sarah Jane comes to fully understand the nature of the woman's liberation movement she is so much a part of. This of course leads her to trust the doctor, who fast comes to respect her as a complete equal. Throughout the story she is of equal assistance in solving the time meddling of Linx,offering guns to primitive human criminals centuries before they were ready. And despite his affable eccentricity, Professor Rubeish proves himself just as capable and helpful as a one off companion. This is also the first story where the doctor reveals the name of his home world Galifrey. As well as some witty moments where,in response to a slave Wench telling her that woman's place will never change among men,Sarah Jane responds "That's subservient rubbish! You talk as if it is the middle ages!",and of course that is exactly where she is in this story.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Doctor Who-The Mind Of Evil

                            The doctor and Jo Grant visit Stagmoor Prison where a mysteriously non present  Professor Emil Keller's new device for pacifying criminals is demonstrated before the pair on an inmate named Barnham. Barnahm collapses on the floor,followed by two others shortly after. Noticing that the device appears to play on the fears of those compromised, the doctor contacts Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart at UNIT HQ,requesting the device be taken offline. The Brigadier meanwhile is helping to arrange an important peace conference with Chinese Captain Chin Lee who herself reports the murder of the delegation leader himself. While the doctor,aware of every Asian language,consults with the new council leader Fu Peng about the murder. Back at Stagmoor,complications ensue when Harry Mailer,next up for the Keller process escapes and engineers a prison riot. At this point Professor Keller reveals himself to be the Master after using his device,a living creature that feeds on negative emotional energies,to disable the security of the conference with the help of Chin Lee as a conduit before she herself is reconditioned by the doctor himself after nearly killing the American ambassador Alcott. The Master,having heard of the Stagmoor riots while spying on UNIT's activities bribes Mailer with gas bombs that enable him to retake the prison after the doctor and Jo,injured and taken prisoner upon returning to the prison during the riots,enable to guards to retake it by promising Mailer a chance to escape with a large sum of money. 

                The Masters plan is to steal a nerve gas filled nuclear power missile called Thunderbolt with the help of the escaped prisoners-in order to destroyed the peace conference and start a nuclear war after which he can become overlord of the planet. The Keller machine,becoming more intelligent the more negative energy it absorbs, is now free floating about Stagmoor-injuring and killing everyone in sight. Mailer does while attempting to kill the doctor,shortly after which the doctor realizes that due to a shield created by Barnhams mind,rendered servile and childlike by the machine,disables it from killing. While the doctor,Jo and Barnham waits with the machine, the Brigadier and Benton prepare to infiltrate Stagmoor to disable the Thunderbolts activation device-using the time circuit removed by the doctor as a bargaining chip. The Master agrees for the doctor to go there alone, Jo and Barnham follow. The doctor loses the Masters time circuit back to him in the ensuing scuffle,Barnham is knocked unconscious before the Thunderbolt is detonated at the hanger-after which Jo morns the death of Barnham and the doctor laments his exile on Earth in lieu of the now freed master.

              Though The Master's intention in this story is almost childishly simple in his terms,his credo of living for the challenge is played up here as his plans for achieving his goal is extraordinarily complicated. The doctors immediate dislike for the intention behind the Keller process,soon found to be just as insidious as the doctor predicted,is also realized by the Masters intent to masquerade his plan for world domination clothed in the good deeds of criminal reform. In keeping with the sociopolitical orientation of the first two third doctor series' of the program, this episode tackles the issue of Communism in the place of Red China. Chin Lee is very easily manipulated into high level espionage by the Master due to her beguiling manner. One wonderful scene is the respect delegation leader Fu Peng has for the doctor when he honors him with his native Hokkien dialect and the traditional bowing-where the Brigadiers adherence only to Western traditions such as hand shakes and the English language are seen as hostile. Again the Brigadier,while benevolent in intention,is shown to have much to learn from the doctor. Jo,while often scared is often wily enough to escape tight spots on her own at this early juncture. And even The Master,while equal in ability and intelligence,seems to have much to learn from the doctor as well.

Monday, July 1, 2013

What's Happening Here In This Time Stream For The Month of July?

                               In July of this month, my plan on this blog is to focus on episode reviews. For all those reading they are NOT intended as spam,and I'm aware that many of you Facebook moderators apparently believe them to be so. I decided to start this blog as a first hand chronicle of my journey through Doctor Who as I experienced it-to give it a fresh perspective. This month I plan on focusing mainly on episode reviews. As depicted in my own paintings above (if not 100% accurately) are representations of the Doctor Who characters celebrating birthday's this month. Jackie Lane,who portrayed first doctor companion Dodo Chaplet as well as Bonnie Langford,whose companion Melanie Bush (of Pease Pottage) spanning the sixth and seventh doctors. 

                          Of course there is late Jon Pertwee,whose birthday would be in just under a week from now if he were still here. Now I plan to do individual tributes to each of them. And this will give me a chance to watch and give a "first shot" review as I call them of the last several third doctor stories I haven't yet seen. Same goes for the two surviving stories featuring Dodo,both of which I've seen but never reviewed. Since I have seen every story involving Bonnie Langford,she will get a second tribute for this blog.  I hope that all of you have enjoyed this reviews. And one little request: should you wish to comment on any of my entries,please try to do so within the context of this blog rather than on a Facebook/Twitter link. However I appreciate and welcome your comments always. Thank you and enjoy your July.