Monday, July 22, 2013

Bonnie Langford-A Very Happy 49th Birthday!

                              In 1986 actress Bonnie Langford was chosen to succeed Nicola Bryant as Colin Baker's sixth doctor's new companion Melanie "Mel" Bush,the "computer programmer from Pease Pottage".  Though she was the transitional companion between the sixth and seventh doctors, her time on the show was extremely short lived as she was only featured in six Doctor Who serials,two with Colin Baker and four with Sylvester McCoy before herself being succeeded by Sophie Aldred's Ace in 1988. Known before Doctor Who for her children's entertainment project Bonnie has continued acting in theater and has maintained involvement in Doctor Who-known for her friendliness and likability among Whovians. So today I wish Bonnie a very happy birthday.
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