Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 72nd Birthday Jackie Lane!

                           If your someone who has gotten into Doctor Who via DVD as I have and blinked once too often, you might've missed Jackie Lane's presence in Doctor Who. She portrayed Dodo Chaplet for six months from February 1966 alongside William Hartnell's first doctor. Dodo was an important companion as she anticipated the "everyday person" style of companion such as Donna Noble-so undaunted and stumbling through the doctors adventures she sometimes didn't have time to scream or be rescued. Originally in line for the role of Carole Ann Ford's Susan, Jackie's Dodo was not participating in the show during its most successful months of the period and the character was written out. Interestingly enough she went on to found Jackie Lane Ad Voice. As a theatrical agent she represented Janet Fielding,Nicholas Courtney and Tom Baker. Although she is a very underrated companion, her place is Doctor Who history wound up more vital and important than perhaps even she thought. A very happy 72 to Jackie and her family!
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