Monday, July 1, 2013

What's Happening Here In This Time Stream For The Month of July?

                               In July of this month, my plan on this blog is to focus on episode reviews. For all those reading they are NOT intended as spam,and I'm aware that many of you Facebook moderators apparently believe them to be so. I decided to start this blog as a first hand chronicle of my journey through Doctor Who as I experienced it-to give it a fresh perspective. This month I plan on focusing mainly on episode reviews. As depicted in my own paintings above (if not 100% accurately) are representations of the Doctor Who characters celebrating birthday's this month. Jackie Lane,who portrayed first doctor companion Dodo Chaplet as well as Bonnie Langford,whose companion Melanie Bush (of Pease Pottage) spanning the sixth and seventh doctors. 

                          Of course there is late Jon Pertwee,whose birthday would be in just under a week from now if he were still here. Now I plan to do individual tributes to each of them. And this will give me a chance to watch and give a "first shot" review as I call them of the last several third doctor stories I haven't yet seen. Same goes for the two surviving stories featuring Dodo,both of which I've seen but never reviewed. Since I have seen every story involving Bonnie Langford,she will get a second tribute for this blog.  I hope that all of you have enjoyed this reviews. And one little request: should you wish to comment on any of my entries,please try to do so within the context of this blog rather than on a Facebook/Twitter link. However I appreciate and welcome your comments always. Thank you and enjoy your July.
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