Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doctor Who-The Two Doctors
                       Perhaps because of all the political unpleasantness within the BBC in the mid to late 1980's about Doctor Who there are many excellent and interesting stories on the show,in particular during the Colin Baker years. That may have had something to do with the decision on the part of the production team to due another "multiple doctor" story. In this case it was a duel doctor tale involving Patrick Troughton,who by this time would not be long for the world (he passed in 1987). This episode also gave each doctors companions Peri and Jamie (Frazier Hines reprising his role from the late 1960's) the opportunity to interact. That along with Colin and Patrick's camaraderie in the episode that makes the story interesting.  Not to mention the fact that  this is also one of the darker and more mind bending of the Doctor Who serials that were made. 

                  Actually this begins as a second doctor/Jamie story as they investigate a time travel experiment on a space station,by someone the doctor knows well. Soon the second doctor finds himself at the whim of these experiments,which we soon learn is being fostered by his group of sentient androids called Androgum's. Not only that but the Sontarans have become involved as well. It isn't long before the second doctor and Peri arrive. At first the suspect the Time Lords of being behind all this disorder. But a cat and mouse came involving a cannibalistic Androgum chef named Shockeye leads them to 1980's Spain where the second doctor,now partially an Androgum himself is cruising the area looking to consume their prey,some of it human. Due to the time paradox this begins to effect the sixth doctors personality. After the needless murder of a waiter. While ultimately the two doctors resolve the problem,a lot of strange and questionable things occurred along the way.       

                    As many of the higher ups at the BBC were quick to point out at this time, this Doctor Who serial represented a side of the show that was definitely  not made with children in mind. The story is littered with cannibalism,inhumane violence,degenerate behavior and even the brutally  unnecessary murder of Oscar Botherby,an actor/waiter who honestly was a character I rather liked. Wouldn't have made a bad companion for the doctor actually. Although a story full of dark humor and a lot of commentary who absolute power leads very often to extremely decedent behavior is an important and good story element to this particular serial. Also this has some of the most colorful characters and surprising plot twists of just about any of the classic Doctor Who episodes. Of course being the last time Patrich Troughton would ever appear in the role of the second doctor was almost significant enough.
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