Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doctor Who-Aliens Of London

                              When the doctor and Rose return to London,the doctor believes Rose has only been absent for twelves hours. But upon her going to visit her mother Jackie,the doctor discovers via a missing persons advertisement  that Rose has been listed as "missing" for an entire year. After finding herself unable to fully explain her absence to her mother,Rose and the doctor play witness to the landing of a UFO in the Thames. Believing humanity is on the threshold of history,the doctor accompanies Rose to a party at her mothers house where her boyfriend Mickey arrives and explains he was accused of murdering Rose in her absence. The UFO landing has resulting in mass hysteria and civil disobedience around the world. With the prime minister of England mysteriously missing,and MP Harriet Jones sent in to retrieve more information three awkward and insignificant members of parliament suddenly begin taking over the case in great secret. The  case,among other things,involves the pilot of the spaceship taken into medical custody.
Leaving Rose with the TARDIS key while he goes to investigate,
the doctor does some investigating of his own. In the morgue the alien pilot has escaped producing much anxiety to the forensic specialist looking in on it. 

           On his way to look into this the doctor is accosted by members of UNIT,after which he leads the puzzled soldiers to encounter the scared alien creature who they fire upon. Upon further investigation it turns out just to be an Earth pig that's been grafted into a humanoid body with sophisticated alien equipment  Harriet Jones meanwhile locked herself into the closet of the parliamentary cabinet meeting about the UFO only to discover something shocking. Upon rushing with Micky and Rose to meet up with the doctor,Jackie enters the TARDIS and believes the doctor is the key to the entire mystery. She calls an emergency number given on the TV and it isn't long before the doctor and Rose are honored guests with UNIT as parliament. All this after the doctors own investigation with the TARDIS computers reveal the UFO actually came out of the Earth and deliberately re-entered the atmosphere,with the faked alien pilot. Harriet confides to Rose this mysterious new trio investigating the crash are actually alien body snatchers she personally witnessed. By these time,each of these aliens reveal themselves before Jackie Tyler,the doctor as well as Rose and Harriet as being the Slitheen.

            One of the important elements of this story,that would be expanded on greatly with the eleventh doctor's encounter with Amy Pond much later,was the doctors awkward sense of timing. He is able to discern the difference between 12 months and 12 hours,however he is irritated at the middling goings on surrounding the psychological impact this has to Jackie and Mickey. This also points to the doctors lack of interest in "domesticity" in the TARDIS,which he seems to think will get in the way of his free spirited journey through time and space. Rose is generally the calm middle ground,supporting both the doctor and the skeptical Mickey as well as the frightened Harriet Jones upon the revelation of alien invaders in parliament itself. The Slitheen are portrayed for the first time in Doctor Who as the malicious and rather vulgar Slitheen family,constantly passing gas in their difficulty fitting into their disproportionate human skin "suits". This story also points to the doctors continual sense of compassion as he bemoans UNIT for the dozenth time for shooting the innocent and frightened mutated pig creature the Slitheen fashioned,and also his trying to help Rose's family and boyfriend to accept him as a help rather than a hindrance to their lives.

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