Friday, March 1, 2013

Doctor Who-World War Three

                       Upon escaping from the Slitheen family,the doctor runs from the confused UNIT soldiers at 10 Downing street only to find Rose and Harriet Jones trapped in the conference room. As the Slitheen give chase,the doctor activates a security code that traps the trio within,but keeps the Slitheen out. Before locking the final door,the Slitheen reveal themselves to be a family who are not on Earth to invade it. Jackie and Mickey are frantically searching for Rose when they are again confronted by the Slitheen. The doctor,Harriet and Rose than proceed to troubleshoot the unusual smell of the gas expelled by the creatures and determine they are Calcium based lifeform,to the doctors understanding anyway,from the planet Raxicoricofallapatorius. He calls Jackie and Mickey and instructs them to create a concoction of pickle brines. Jackie throws it at the alien,who bursts into an explosion of viscous gel. It isn't long however before the group have bigger things to worry about. The members of the special council on extra terrestrials,of course actually the Slitheen in disguise,announce to the world that there are alien weapons trained on Earth,and the only way to defeat them is by using a nuclear weapons store. 

                     When the doctor confronts the Slitheen-knowing full well they are lying to the people of the world,about their plan upon them again arriving at the concealed chamber,they reveal their true plan for the planet is to irradiate it so parts of it could be sold to fuel spaceships as a galactic recession is occurring  As it turns out,the only way to save the planet is to blow up the parliament building at 10 Downing with a conventional non nuclear missile with he,Harriet and Rose within. Already begging the doctor to guarantee Rose's safety,this terrifies Jackie. Rose makes the choice: she is willing to go along and has the idea of the trio hiding in the earthquake proof maintenance closet. The pan succeeds and,with the prime minister dead,Harriet Jones now has a bit with the doctor and Rose's blessing. Just as Jackie is about to give the doctor a chance,Rose decides to formerly accept the doctors earlier invitation to join her-though this time she says her goodbyes.

                This story points to humanity's inability to cope with life beyond their own. When the affair with the Slitheen is over,the doctor even evokes the hypocrisy of religion noting while the newspapers insist on an incident millions witnessed as a hoax,they are willing to believe in "something invisible". The doctors vulnerabilities are his concerned silence when Jackie Tyler begs him for an answer whether her daughter Rose will be safe in his hands.  In many ways,the Slitheen are not that much different than many human political  lobbyist groups,who often invent massive lies for the news media while they selfishly plot about events that could lead to the destruction of the world. Though a very well paced and tense action tale,at it's core the action delivers an important message of standing up against psychic numbing against the truth while your watching this story unfold while your on the edge of your seat.

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