Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Doctor Who-Father's Day

                         Upon Rose's request,the doctor takes her to November 7th,1987 to witness the car accident that killed her father Peter Alan when she was a baby. At first unable to bare witness to the event,she and the doctor return and on impulse she runs into the street and pushes her father away from the car that was supposed to have killed him. Upon returning to her future home with her father,extremely grateful she saved his life,the doctor accuses her of selfishly interfering with history and returns to his TARDIS to regroup. There he finds the TARDIS has become a regular police box and he is menaced by a huge red eyed Gargoyle type creature.  Rose and her father meanwhile are on the way to family friends Stewart and Sarah's wedding. Stewart's father has disappeared,along with many others in this end of London. As Rose confronts her mother and fathers apparently difficult relationship,the doctor arrives along with the Gargoyle's to reveal the reason for the disappearances. 

                    The doctor explain to the befuddled and frightened crowd at the wedding chapel that these creatures represent the force that sterilizes time paradoxes of the type Rose created unintentionally. He notices the TARDIS key he asked back from Rose is glowing. He uses Stewart's cellphone battery to charge it enough to bring the TARDIS back. However,while convincing her mom and dad she is there daughter,Rose glances at her younger self,creates another paradox and the doctor sacrifices his life to save everyone else as a result. Crestfallen,Rose is comforted by her father who noticed out the window the car that was to run him over leaping back and forth out of time-with no purpose. He realizes his death is the only way to save his daughter and now the world. He jumps out in front of the car,and Rose has a chance to say her final goodbyes to her father before she departs with the doctor,alive again thanks to the undoing of the paradox,on their voyages through time and space.

                  This is probably the most emotionally involving story up to this point of the relaunched Doctor Who series. This story expands on the character of Rose even more so than the story of Ace in the seventh doctor era. I don't think Russell T.Davies was unaware of the irony of setting this story during the same time period the 7th doctor/Ace stories also took place. The story also takes a rather different spin on the idea of altering history. It's not an alternate timeline that's created: alien creatures,possibly something the time lords (if alive) could've prevented as the doctor pointed out,tried to destroy a perceived time paradox. Even though the doctors confidence in Rose is shaken,it's largely because as she points out he cannot take credit. Perhaps because it was a similar mistake he once made. While finding out her parents didn't have quite the sweet and romantic relationship she'd always believed,this story did give Rose the chance to put some closure on her existence.
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