Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Doctor Who-Smith And Jones

                            As medical student Martha Jones is preparing for both work and her kid brother's 21'st birthday party,she continually finds herself encountering a mysterious man who,as a patient she is looking after in the presence of head doctor Mr. Stoker identifies himself as John Smith. As she talks to her sister on her cell phone,she finds that a steady rainfall is localized around the hospital and suddenly moves upward before the hospital is shaken by a violent energy pulse and Martha and everyone else in the hospital find themselves on the moon. Martha meets up with the John Smith there who,of course then identifies himself as the doctor and she correctly suspects the involvement of extra terrestrials considering all of the similar incidences in London in recent history. The doctor determines them to be Judoon,who are Rhinoceros-like creatures who act as police for higher and are genetically cataloging the humans in the hospital in their search for some type of alien suspect. As the doctor and Martha soon discover during the long and rather torturous cataloging process,Mr.Stoker has been drained of all his blood by a creature the doctor identifies as a Plasmavore,capable of mimicking any life-form whose blood it consumes. 

            The doctor manages to irradiate one of said Plasmavore's artificial security drones after which he manages to by some time by kissing Martha to give her a trace of his alien DNA.  While the Judoon catalog her,the doctor discovers in the MRI area that a hospital worker named Florence Finnegan,apparently the Plasmavore the Judoon is looking for due to her murder of the child princess of Padrivole Regency Nine,is trying to use the MRI scanner to destroy the side of the Earth facing the Moon so she could use one of the Judoon ships to make her escape.  The doctor allow Finnegan to extract his blood,thereby allowing the Judoon to execute Finnegan who is now identified as the culprit. The hospital is promptly returned to Earth after Martha's attempts at CPR on the doctors twin hearts saves his life. Upon returning to Earth,with the entire incident written off as a drugging in the press,Martha escapes her brothers chaotic birthday party to find the doctor has invited her to journey through time and space with him. A surprised Martha, marveling typically at the spectacle of the TARDIS gladly excepts. 

            This is an excellent introduction for Freema Agyeman's Martha Jones. As a quick on her feet learner,who is able and willing to look beyond herself in order to assist those around her in the manner of the best doctors,endears her very quickly to the doctor. In fact,between his time buying kiss to her when confronting the Judoon,as well as her willingness to save the life of the alien man she hardly knows in order to save the life of those in the hospital staff of their dwindling air supply on the lunar surface shows her to be squarely in the spirit of the Sarah-Jane Smith Doctor Who companion archetype. There's also some potent insights into the doctors character in this well written action-adventure tale. He reinforces that roentgen-type radiation has little to no effect on his body. Not only that but his reactions to Martha's quick witted and relatively cool head about what she's experiencing  indicates that,perhaps many of his travelling companions are selected by him long in advance and my not be the random travelers they sometimes appear to be.

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