Saturday, March 2, 2013

Doctor Who-Dalek

                         Responding to an alien distress signal,the TARDIS lands the doctor and Rose in an underground facility in Utah in the year 2012 that contains a number of alien artifacts. They are approached by the head of this facility Henry Van Statten,who has been collecting many extra terrestrial artifacts hoping to make his fortune. While investigating the area for the source of the distress call,the doctor soon comes upon it: a single Dalek. Upon explaining to Van Statten that the Dalek would kill every human it encountered,as it took the destruction of his own people to destroy the Daleks in the last great time war,Van Statten learns of the doctors extra terrestrial natural. In the company of Van Statten's assistant Adam,Rose confronts the Dalek who makes it clear it has been mistreated by the people in the facility and mainly wants to survive. The Dalek interfaces with Rose,escapes from it's hold and begins to go on an enormous killing spree of those who brutalized it.

                    The doctor requests Van Statten cooperate with him instead of further experimentation to help locate the new Dalek threat. After dozens of Van Statten's guards have been exterminated,the Dalek accosts Rose while trying to escape but will not kill her. Instead the Dalek uses Rose as a hostage in order to secure it's escape from the doctor. When the Dalek confronts Van Statten,the man who captured it,it finds it cannot even exterminate him as it's affected by Rose's pleas to spare his life. Adam helps the doctor secure a group of alien weapons Van Statten had to try to destroy the Dalek. When he discovers Rose and the Dalek,he finds the Dalek has revealed it's biological self to Rose,and is begging to be killed. Since the doctor even cannot morally do this,the Dalek opts for destroying itself rather than live a life unsuited to itself. Van Statten's memory is wiped after being escorted from the facility for his crimes. After departing,Adam inadvertently steps into the TARDIS just as it departs.

                      Not only is this the first Dalek story of the relaunched series,but it's one of the least convention of it's type through the Doctor Who cannon.  It focuses on a single Dalek,which as a lot in common with the doctor in being the last of it's kind and trying to survive. The wrinkle in this equation is both are convinced it's their duty to destroy the other. The doctor cannot kill the Dalek in the end,realizing the paradox between the Dalek's biological imperative to destroy from,as the doctor explains to Van Statten,it's nature as "the ultimate in racial cleansers" and the doctors own personal reasons for wanting the Dalek destroyed. Van Statten,motivated only by his own thoughtlessness and avarice,is countered by Rose Tyler's compassion for the suffering Dalek. It's the story that really introduces the complex morality of the doctors relationship to the Daleks in the relaunched series and emerges as one of the most powerful stories of this particular series.
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