Sunday, March 24, 2013

Doctor Who-Gridlock

                             Upon taking Martha Jones to visit New New York in lieu of her request to see his own home planet,the arrive five billion years into the future into a slum where emotion enhancement patches are being petaled.  Martha is abruptly kidnapped by two individuals who take her onto a mammoth motorway-populated by non moving,wall to wall RV-like vehicles that take years to move only a few miles due to the lack of movement. She was only kidnapped in order for her captures to allocate themselves a mildly faster position in this motorway. The doctor finds himself leaping from one vehicle to the other in this gas chocked environment searching for Martha. He comes across one run by a bipedal feline named Brannigan,his human bride Valerie and their kittens. He explains to the doctor that unseen police will take care lead them to New New York itself one day. Realizing the messages from the so-called "police force" is a prerecorded message,he proceeds to journey by himself to the lowest level of the motor way to see what he is up against.

                               There is discovers a group of Macra,energy feeding crab creatures he encountered in his second incarnation that threaten everyone on the motorway as they are consuming their fuel for power. The vehicle is has entered is again entered by Novice Hame,the bipedal feline he'd encountered earlier who teleports him to the council building on New New York. Apparently the entire city's population were killed 24 years earlier within a few short minutes by a pandemic virus caused by an emotion patch called "bliss". The virus was so virulent it spent itself. But Hame herself has saved by the chemical influence of the Face Of Boe,an extremely ancient time lord legend. And Hame has maintained the motorway to keep the population from being killed by the Macra and because of the lack of energy to open the motorway and allow the drivers through. After encountering the doctor,Boe uses his last ounce of energy to allow all the drivers back into New New York to repopulate-including reuniting Martha and the doctor and,after an indication by Boe on his death bed that the doctor isn't alone,he confesses his status as the last surviving time lord to Martha before they depart.

                           This is one of the most telling and touching stories I've seen on the current version of Doctor Who. The story itself is extremely topical as it tells the story of urban decay gone mad. Where many science fiction motion pictures with a similar concept eventually degrade into the cliche of a action/adventure chase,the action in this story is totally motivated by the premise. The population of New New York actually have come to live in a permanent traffic jam,building a life and even a religion of sorts (whose hymns actually move Martha Jones to tears when she hears them) around their conditions. It's the doctors unconventional bravery and irascibility that eventually shows these people to their destiny. Hame,once breeding humans were scientific purposes,is redeemed first by the benevolent Boe and than by the doctors own willingness to make self sacrifices to help others. The touching part of this story comes in the very end when Martha comes to learn of the doctor's true nature as the last of his kind,and of his new motivations for companionship aboard the TARDIS.
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