Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy 42'nd Birthday David Tennant!

              Even Russell T. Davies himself couldn't be sure that his 2005 relaunch of Doctor Who would catch on in an enormous way and genuinely continue the series. When Christopher Eccleston chose not to renew his year contract, the producers of the show were confronted with the first regeneration of the main character in the relaunched series. Luckily a certain Scottish actor,already famous for stage and screen work most notably in his portrayal of Hamlet, stepped into the role as the doctors tenth regeneration and would fast assure that the newly relaunched Doctor Who would in fact endure. This actors name was David Tennant.

                With his long tan clock and suit jacket,his thin black spectacles and often raised left eyebrow Tennant redefined the image of the doctor for the new millennium in much the same manner as Tom Baker had thirty years earlier. He also embodied that ever important balance between wit,wonder and high intelligence that had always been central to the doctors characterization since the show premiered. One important element was how Tennant extended on the loneliness and romanticism of Paul McGann's neglected eighth doctor-in particular his ambiguous relationship with his assistant Rose Tyler. 

               Though David Tennant has not played the character for five years now, he has already become somewhat of the iconic figure for the relaunched Doctor Who series. The animated series My Little Pony-Friendship Is Magic has even developed a character known in fan fiction/videos as Doctor Whooves: a pony with the physical characteristics of Tennant's 10th doctor.  Today Mr. Tennant turns 42. I am sure many Whovians and people who have come to admire the enormous talent he possesses as an actor based on his performance in Doctor Who will wish to join me in wishing him  a very happy birthday today.
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