Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy 54th Birthday Mark Strickson!

                          In the world of Doctor Who,very few of the doctor's assistants/companions have been male. There was Ian Chesterton and Jamie McCrimmon in the 1960's as well as Harry Sullivan for a short time in the 70's. I am still unsure if I count the UNIT family (most of whom were male) as official companions as the doctor was Earthbound in those years. However there was only one male companion during the 1980's and that was Vislor Turlough, a mysterious humanoid alien who after spending a time on Earth made a deal with the black guardian hoping to return to his home world. This character was provocative,complex,redemptive and full of surprises. He was played by than actor,now producer Mark Strickson whom I wish a very happy birthday today!
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