Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Doctor Who-The Name Of The Doctor

                          Clara Oswin Oswald,the "impossible girl" is racing through a time tunnel-splintered into a million fragments. She finds herself, while often in the shadows,saving the life of the doctor in all his incarnations-including her warning the first doctor when he is about to take the TARDIS from Galifrey with his granddaughter. Meanwhile during the 19th century Vastra,Jenny and Strax-who is in Glasgow,find themselves in a telepathic conference call with River Song based on coordinates given to Vastra by a mass murderer of women named Clarence. Using Vastra's shock to create an escape attempt,Vastra writes a letter for Clara to open in the future-containing a trance enduing substance that allows her to join in on the conference. She is given the coordinates such as Jenny disappears from the conference-claiming to be getting murdered. In reality,Jenny has been murdered by a group of white ghostly faced humanoid forms in top hat and tails. 

                   Meanwhile Clara is awakened by the sound of the doctors  voice while he is caring for Angie and Artie. Clara tells him what was told to her in the conference call-that the coordinates given to her were for a planet called Trenzalore,a name which related to the doctor. Reacting with a good deal of sadness,the doctor takes Clara to the TARDIS where he explains Trenzalore is a graveyard for time lords after their final regeneration. And that no living time lord should ever go there. When they arrive on Trenzalore the pair find a massive yet conventional looking graveyard with the doctors tomb; his decayed future TARDIS which itself is expanded outwardly as much as the inside. Still linked to the telepathic conference,Clara is contacted by River Song who points her and the doctor to what appears to be her own grave but,as it turns out is an entrance to the future TARDIS. While travelling through it,Clara begins to remember her encounter with the core of the TARDIS-namely the fact the doctor had encountered and lost her twice in the past.

                  Vastra,Jenny and Strax travel to Trenzalore to meet the doctor-only to meet the Great Intelligence,in the guise of Dr.Simeon,with his ghostly lackey's. They have the capability to end someones life from the inside. They meet the doctor within the control room of the future TARDIS where they find a white energy stream the doctor claims represents the entirety of all his timestreams-all that ever happened and ever will to him. It is the Great Intelligence's intention to enter this stream and cause every single right the doctor had done to many different worlds to be undone. As Vastra notices stars blinking out,Strax turns on her,Jenny disappears and the doctor buckles in pain as his timeline is re-written. Clara realizes why the doctor encountered her twice before and proceeds to enter the energy stream herself-scattering herself as the Great Intelligence did to right all he was doing wrong. While this recovers the timeline,the doctors as well as Vastra,Jenny and Strax the doctor is then obligated to enter the stream and rescue Clara from his timestreams. When he arrives he finds a confused Clara surrounded by a metaphoric world of his essence and past regerations. She agrees to leave when they encounter a man who the doctor knows as one of his regeneration's,and the one who revealed the secret of his identity.

                   While the majority of Steven Moffat's work on Doctor Who has been based around season long story arc's surrounding a companion of the doctors,this story completes a story arc that had massive ramifications on the life and fate of the doctor himself. Throughout her time with the doctor,Clara Oswald has been puzzled by the fact that the doctor seems to be aware of her in a way she doesn't fully understand. It is only when he is faced with someone else,in the shape of the Great Intelligence,
erasing the doctor from history that her purpose becomes clear. This is a story that links all of the doctors incarnations together. Contemporary FX enabled Clara to be seen peripherally keeping the doctors (visible to us anyway) played by William Hartnell,Patrick Troughton,Jon Pertwee,Tom Baker,Peter Davison,Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy out of danger throughout there timestream. Its therefore presumed that Clara Oswald is very likely the singular human figure that has bought the events that started the events of Doctor Who together and,without anticipation,might be part of the doctors attraction to human beings. If this story is followed through to a dramatic conclusion,it may represent massive changes for the doctors character in the future.
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