Monday, November 11, 2013

Doctor Who-The Snowmen

                          In Victorian London in 1892,a man named Doctor Simeon promises several men food if they gather snow for him,presumably for his Great Intelligence Industries. Shortly afterward a group of carnivorous snowmen appear and devour the human men. The doctor is using his allies-the Silurian Vastra and her human wife Jenny and the Sontaran Strax to investigate further while the doctor himself remains in the shadows,having lost all interest in helping humanity after the loses of Amy and Rory. A young woman named Clara is investigating too,noticing a disturbances-actually the same snowmen outside the tavern where she is employed. The nearest person she encounters is the doctor,who she 
accuses of building the snowmen. From what he sees he's determined the snow has its own life force. But still refuses to do anything-requesting Strax give her a memory wiping alien worm so she'll forget him. He then lets her to understand that her thoughts are creating the snowmen,and of course she uses her thoughts afterward to melt them. She then follows him to a ladder which he uses to ascend on a spiral staircase to his TARDIS but,when he notices Clara she makes a fast retreat.

                   Clara then resumes another job-this one as a governess for two children of a Captain Latimer-one of whom is having nightmares about their former governess coming back from the dead and telling her they've been bad. When Clara learns that the deceased governesses body is buried beneath the only nearby frozen mass of ice,she takes the children to bed-promising them comfort in the form of a story about the doctor. She believes he will appear,however they are visited by the frozen form of their former governess,just as in the Latimer daughter's dream. Luckily the doctor is also there,using his newly refitted sonic screwdriver to temporarily melt the ice creature. While it does reform and give chase,Clara and the Latimer children follow the doctor-disguised as Sherlock Holmes,to Doctor Simeon's Great Intelligence Institute where he confronts the Simeon of the revelation of the psychic snow-able to conjure thoughts into physical being. The ice governess then re-appears while the doctor drags Clara back to the TARDIS-where he entrusts her with the TARDIS key after her awareness of it is revealed.

                 While the doctor prepares to complete the mission in the TARDIS,Clara is captured by the ice governess and hauled back to Doctor Simeon. The doctor materializes the TARDIS over Clara and reveals his confidence that she will stay alive while he confronts Simeon. He's now deduces that psychic snow is actually a receptacle for the anti social thoughts that Simeon has had since he first encountered the Intelligence as a child. Intending to invade the world with an army of deep frozen snowmen,the doctor manages to use the memory worm to erase Simeons memory-which inadvertently allows the Intelligence to fully take over his body and he attempts to kill the doctor. But the snow suddenly turns to rain. Apparently Clara and the Latimer family's sadness is also affecting the psychic snow. And Simeon's body dies in the process. And Clara dies on Christmas morning,so the doctor is lead to believe. Later at Clara's funereal he notices her middle and last initials are Oswin Oswald. Remembering his encounter with her on the Dalek Asylum and her death there,he leaves to go searching for whom he has now christened "the impossible girl".

                   Statistically this Doctor Who Christmas story is the fourth most viewed TV show in the UK on Christmas. There are many important features to this story. The use of the great intelligence again-from the Patrick Troughton era of the show. Also theirs the introduction of the doctors new burgundy suit and a newly redecorated TARDIS control room-which is far more streamlined and space age in the manner of the classic TARDIS interior design. This story serves mainly as an introduction for the doctors mysterious and mercurial new companion Clara Oswin Oswald. However Richard E. Grant's Doctor Simeon and Sir Ian McKellan's voicing of the Great Intelligence is often underscored by the massive changes to the doctor himself. In the beginning the doctor has become an uncharacteristically EMO type character-avoiding any attempts to show caring for humanity-even to the point of verbal cruelty to Strax and showing mistrust of Clara as he uses Vastra to test her knowledge of the situation with a one word test. Considering the thrust of the whole story is literally emotion driving everyone's actions and motivations, this is a very dramatically heady but strong Doctor Who Christmas story.
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