Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Doctor Who-The End Of Time

                          While visiting a church on Earth during Christmas,a mysterious woman in white shows Wilf a caricature of the TARDIS in a stained glass window-talking about the legend of the blue box and its eminent return. Meanwhile the psychic Odd Sigma has called the doctor to a seance where they prophesize the end of time itself-personified in the image of Lucy Saxon,ex wife of the man the doctor knows as the Master and two unrecognized human figures. The doctor returns to Earth to meet Wilf-regaling his senior bus group with tales of his experiences with the doctor. What they don't know is a cult of Harold Saxon (the Master) has broken Lucy from her prison and used her DNA as part of a ritual that uses the energy created by their deaths and the destruction of the prison to restore the Master back to life.

                       As the doctor explains to Wilf about the end of his life,he notices in a news report on the TV of the cafe they are at that someone seems to have escaped from the prison where Lucy Saxon had been and which was destroyed. He travels there with Wilf's seniors group in tow to confront the now revived master-now a manic,unhinged man in constant need of food and haunted constantly by a constant rhythm he hears within his mind. Trying to convince the Master to join him instead of fighting him,the Master uses his super human strength resulting from his rebirth to escape the doctor via a helicopter. The doctor and Wilf travel back to London to search for the Master. When Wilf returns,his granddaughter Donna Noble hands him a book by a Joshua Naismith-saying it will assist him.

                     Wilf is then again visited by the woman in white saying he must arm himself. He takes his old military gun into his pocket and follows the doctor on his mission to pursue Mister Naismith. When they meet him,turns out he is actually working with the Master to develop an immortality gate he believes will give his daughter Abigail eternal life. The doctor confronts the two scientists who work for the Master-actually disguised members of the Cactus-like Vinvocci race. This gate is actually a simple medical device of their world,used by the Master when the Vinvocci survey team arrived to survey the asteroid belt. As President Obama is about to unveil his new financial stimulus plan to the world in the US,the Master enters into the device where,after he and every human on Earth experiences a brief head seizure,all human beings have literally become the Master himself. With the exception of the doctor,Wilf and Donna.

                 After the tied up doctor and Wilf manage to convince the weakened Master removing their gagging,one of the Master's masked soldiers reveals themselves to be one of the Vinvocci scientists who allows the doctor and Wilf to take refuge on their survey ship after Donna passes out when recalling her experiences with the doctor-knocking out the Master clones advancing on her. The Master meanwhile mobilizes every soldier on Earth,all him of course as one gigantic weapon against his enemies. 

              While the doctor leaves them the survey ship dead in space when trying to stop the Vinvocci from running away from what they view as a doomed world,the Master is sent a whitepoint star diamond from Rassilon-lord president of Galifrey who is looking to use the Master, tormented by the sound of the rhythms of time itself by being forced to look directly into the time vortex itself,to fascinate Galifrey's return from the timelock it had been in since the conclusion of the time wars. 

                 He launches a massive series of tactical missile strikes against the Vinvocci survey vessel,which they survive as the doctor calls upon Wilf's experiences as a fighter pilot in WWII to destroy them with the Vinvocci scientists assistance. When the return to the Master's headquarters,formerly that of Naismiths,he finds Rassilon and the council of time lords before them-the planet Galifrey itself moving into position and about to knock Earth out of its orbit. Having been gifted Wilf's gun on the survey ship,the doctor is caught between shooting the Master and the time lords. He elects to destroy the Master's gate-restoring all humans on Earth to normal. 

             The Master sacrifices himself to send Rassilon,the time lords and Galifrey back into the time lock in revenge for what they did to him and the doctor survives to find Wilf in the immortality gate chamber-about to be flooded by radiation. Unable to see Wilf die,the doctor replaces himself for Wilf-absorbing the massive level of radiation created by the Master's armed nuclear bolt. After the regeneration process begins,the doctor travels across the Earth-visiting companions such as Donna Noble,Martha and Micky along with Rose Tyler and stalwart Sarah Jane Smith. When he returns to the TARDIS,the doctor regenerates so violently he crashes to Earth in the first few seconds of his regeneration into his eleventh incarnation.

                This extremely involved story ties so many elements together its hard to explain it easily. The doctor confronting the possible end of his life,his own people resorting to ending all time to stop the time war and destroy humanity and the manic insanity of the Master-revealed her as actually a tormented character seeking only to ebb his madness and seek vengeance on those who caused it. This might explain the doctors continued sympathy and protection of him throughout the series. Through the doctor's experience with the plucky Wilf,he realizes after reuniting with his companions in the end that he does't want to go. And 
atypically regenerates in sadness. Timothy Dalton gives a great performance as the obsessive Rassilon-alas now just as obsessed with survival as the Master had become. This is a story where the doctor again points to the eventual corruption of his own species. And how that,on many occasions,almost resulted in destruction of Earth and all of time as well.
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