Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Doctor Who And The Beginning Of The Second Year Of My Little Timestream

                         When I first started watching Doctor Who,then created this blog with the intention of documenting my journey with each story as I saw them,I never realized how much of a learning experience I was in for. Many TV shows,even science fiction are purely entertainment and don't bare an influence on your everyday life. But Doctor Who and Star Trek have both been like American Indian healing stories to me. They present moral parables with a highly entertaining subtext-with characters and situations that begin to bare a strong influence and impact on my day to day life. And hopefully others as well.

                         During my second year of this blog,I am going to be closing out one chapter. As of this point,I have officially completed watching all the serials for the third,fifth,sixth,seventh and eleventh doctors. During this year I intend to do the same for the epic fourth doctor period with Tom Baker-as Terror Of The Zygons,his final story to appear on DVD is finally released. The stories of the ninth and tenth doctors will be completed this year as well. Even as The Moonbase and The Enemy of The World have been recovered,it is of course by no means certain if I will ever be able to complete viewing the first and second doctor stories as so many remain missing.

                           What you see about you is the newest addition to my Doctor Who interest-the 12 month 2014 Doctor Who wall calender that depicts each doctor up through Matt Smith. By the autumn of this year,the new doctor played by Peter Capaldi will premier his episodes. By the time that happens,I am very much hoping to have seen and absorbed all available Doctor Who stories that precede that. So far this has proven to be the most successful blog I am involved with. It seems that many people have found Doctor Who has impacted on them as positively as it has me. It seems more than a simple trend. After all,how much more involving can something be whose theme revolves around the intricacies of the whole of all space and time?
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