Tuesday, June 19, 2012

           Since Doctor Who first premiered in 1963,he has always been accompanied by one or more assistants. They are often referred to as companions. Their main function in the show is to serve as a human presence to ask some of the questions that audience might have of him or a situation in any given story. Each of them are as important to the story as the doctor himself. And each one has their own unique qualities. During the past year or so Character Options as been issuing various Doctor Who paraphernalia,including this exactingly crafted set of action figures represented every regeneration of the doctor this far. They've also done gift sets featuring many adversaries from Daleks,Cybermen to autons.  However very few companions from the classic series are represented by this figures. Noted is that there's some overlap in companions between many of the doctors so I'll take that into account as well. Here's a possible suggestion list for a possible 'Doctor's Companion Gift Sets":

FIRST DOCTOR SET: Including Susan Foreman,Barbara Wright,Ian Chesterton,Vicki,Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet 
SECOND DOCTOR SET: Including Polly,Ben Jackson,Jamie McCrimmon,Victoria Waterfield and Zoe Hariet
THIRD DOCTOR SET: Including Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart,Liz Shaw,Jo Grant,Sergeant Benton,Mike Yates
FOURTH DOCTOR SET: Including Sarah Jane Smith,Harry Sullivan,Leela,K-9,Romana,Romana II
FIFTH DOCTOR SET: Including Adric,Nyssa,Tegan Jovanka,Vislor Turlough and Kamelion
THE LAST THREE DOCTORS SET: Including Peri Brown,Melanie Bush,Ace and Grace Holloway
*Also note in the case of the sixth,seventh and eighth doctors I merged their companions into one single set due to the fact they either had one or very few.

     Since the re-launch era doctors have their companions very well represented in terms of paraphernalia I decided to stick tot he classic doctors. Thank you!

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