Monday, June 4, 2012

Doctor Who-Warriors Of The Deep
                               Despite it's very limited effects budget over the years, Doctor Who has made up for it's very real fiscal limitations with inventive,expansive story lines and a healthy dose of thoughtful wit and humor. But as with anything,nobodies perfect. And sometimes the flaws in the production of any sort of entertainment can get the best of it and cause a wonderful idea to turn into a logistical fiasco. During an era where,from what I've seen,Doctor Who could do very little wrong this is an example of a fifth doctor era story that succumb to some of the production flaws that effected the very nature of the show itself. And that is very much a pity because the overall story had so many elements that could've made it one of this era's finest episodes of the show. One of them among others were the return and collaboration of two of the programs most provocative creatures: the Silurians and the Sea Devils.

                      The doctor,Teagan and Turlough arrive on board a patrol vessel in the late 21'st century,during which time two super powers are still vying for control of nuclear weapons and the domination of the Earth via outer space. And they aren't above using mind control to bring about their goals either. The only reason the doctor is there in the first place is to warn them of the presence of the Silurians who,as it turns out our reviving their last surviving brethren the Sea Devils. As it turns out they do so not to destroy humanity but to retake the Earth as humanity destroys itself. Considering the fact the doctors companions are taken prisoner and mishandled,he actually sides with the Silurians. In the end,many humans and Silurians are killed in the ensuing struggle for planetary supremacy. And nothing is truly accomplished.

                       In the end this Doctor Who serial isn't a very happy one at all. It's positive qualities are that it points to the futility of war,within a special especially.  The Silurians and Sea Devils are portrayed as civilized and disdainful of war and hatred. They view humans as needlessly aggressive and not different from their primate brethren. This is why the doctor sings to their tune here. The Silurians even agree to allow he and his companions to go once their mission is accomplished. So with such an excellent concept why is this one of the programs weaker serials? For one,the best part comes in the last 15 minutes of the final part. The direction is rife with many of the cliches Doctor Who haters often relish in harping on. Among them are nearly the whole midpoint of the serial featuring mostly people running up and down corridors carrying weapons.  The execution of the excellent concept makes the ending serial extremely dull. And that isn't something one often associates with Doctor Who.

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