Friday, June 8, 2012

                     Just wishing a very happy birthday  to this actor who portrayed Doctor Who's sixth incarnation from 1984 to 1986. He will be turning 69 today. Even though his version of the doctor was the most controversial and generally least popular,he has a small base of people who appreciate his contributions to the show and I am happy to say I include myself among them. His enormous personality and swaggering attitude made him quite a bit different from anyone else who came to play the character.

             Mr.Baker studied acting at the London Academy Of Music And Dramatic Arts after studying to become a solicitor.  Know throughout the BBC television world for playing different sci-fi villains,including Commander Maxil on Doctor Who Baker actually got the role when Peter Davison stepped down from the role,making him the first actor to portray the doctor who'd been in the program as another character. During this time his son died of SIDS and since than Baker has become an advocate of research into the disorder.
           Despite the facts BBC politics of the time led the show to be cancelled during his tenure and him being the only actor to be fired from his role as the Doctor,Baker is very devoted to the Whoniverse and his fans. He was voted in by popular demand as the president of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. He also was a participant in a novelty music video called 'Doctor In Distress' made in 1985,a parody of the 'We Are The World' era benefit singles designed to bring fans back to the show in it's darkest hour. Known for his good nature and wit,Colin has turned out a major asset to Doctor Who's success and I hope he,his friends and family have a great birthday with him!

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society
"Doctor In Distress" Music Video

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