Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dalek Month On Tardisriffic
                                        For many years one of the only things I knew about Doctor Who had to do with the Daleks. Even though I did not know them by name,they are one of science fiction's most famous villianous characters next to Darth Vader or the Borg on Star Trek. Introduced in the second serial of the series at the end of 1963 the Daleks introduced something very new to the world of televised sci fi: the concept of the merging of the biological and the technological. It would be massively influential as a science fiction concept for years to come.

                               Within the context of the program the Daleks backround story was as wibbly wobbly as time itself. Created on the planet Skaro after a milennia long war between the Thals and the Dalek's father race the Kaleds they were designed to be the idea soldier. A solider that would only kill or "EXTER-MIN-ATE" anyone who wasn't a Dalek. One orgin story had the Daleks created by a Doctor Mengele like figure named Davros,who created the Daleks to satisfy his on meglomania.  The Daleks,in the words of the Ninth Doctor are the ultimate vision of racial supremacy. And at a time when between Nazi Germany and the Cold War, that concept of the ultimate wielding of power was a very powerful one.

                                  This month I am going to be doing reviews of all the Doctor Who stories concerning the Daleks that I have seen. Important to note I am not fully versed on the relaunced series. And a lot of classic Dalek episodes from the first and second doctors era are missing along with many others. But that is going to be an overriding theme here on my Doctor Who blog this particular month. I also invite all readers to join this blog,subscribe and comment. I thought by concerning this month of blogging with one of Doctor Who's most famous elements it might give it a better chance at getting attention. Not to mention my own interest as well.
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