Friday, July 27, 2012

Doctor Who-Resurrection Of The Daleks
                   By the time this serial was produced Peter Davison had already announced his departure from Doctor Who. At the same time Davison himself pointed out he didn't feel he could leave the show without facing down his greatest adversaries the Daleks at least once. That was something the fifth doctor had not yet done. At the same time there would only be two more serials to feature the fifth doctor after this anyway. And in between that time there'd be a a couple departures and one new addition to the cast. In this serial the first of these departures occurred with Janet Fielding's Tegan at the conclusion of this serial.

                   The TARDIS sets down in a London alley where a group of futuristic people are being pursued by a police force led by one Commander Lytton. He than transports to a prison space station whose sole occupant is Davros himself. He is in the process of being revived by the Daleks who lost their war with the Movellans. And they are attempting clone the doctor,his companions and any humans involved to join their cause. From this point on it's one blood bath after another involving the Daleks,running in and out of the time corridor that bought the TARDIS there until the Daleks are again defeated. Only having to play witness to these events,a traumatized Tegan elects to leave the TARDIS crew being weary of the mass death she'd witnessed.

                     This serial is probably the most violent and gruesome of the classic series Dalek stories. More than half the characters in the beginning parts of the serial are dead and lethally injured by the time the serial comes to a completion. It was probably this intense level of violence that led many to complain of Doctor Who becoming too violent for it's family audience. There are some excellent scenes,especially where the Doctor tries yet another time to reason with Davros about the futility of his mission. As well as Tegan's emotionally charged farewell. In the end this serial would somewhat set the tone for the more aggressive nature of the next doctors stories.
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