Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doctor Who Personal Action Figure Photographic Piece

                              Yesterday the weather was so dank and rainy outside that I had to spend the majority of it indoors. Having a great interest in photography as I do,and having done it for 20 years I decided to take some photographs of some of the random things in my bedroom. A few of them reflect my interest in Doctor Who. What you see above is one of them.
                  ...and here is another. These are figures of the first eight doctors made by Underground Toys. They are remarkable likenesses. Especially the hard to replicate facial features of Jon Pertwee,Tom Baker and Peter Davison. 
               Of course I didn't forget the newest three doctors either. The ninth through tenth. The likeness of Christopher Eccleston is very good,though he is an actor whose expressions change the way his face looks to a degree. David Tennant with his brainy specs is a dead ringer,as is Matt Smith to me anyway. With a new doctor coming up in a year or so, I may have to retake this particular photograph.
                Not sure how many of you are familiar with the program My Little Pony-Friendship Is Magic but fan fiction for that show took what is called a "back round pony" in that show named Time Turner and created a spin off fan series known as Doctor Whooves. He is based on David Tennant's incarnation of the doctor. His companion is a pony named Derpy Hooves, who has crooked eyes. Since I collected the two vinyl figurines of both I decided to place them here for a little Doctor Who light spin off fun.
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