Monday, June 10, 2013

Doctor Who Says Goodbye To Matt Smith's 11th Doctor

                         Now I realize this is probably coming a bit late on this blog, but it's been recently announced by the BBC that following the 50th Anniversary special airing on the BBC this fall that Matt Smith will be leaving the role of the famous time lord. As Whovians all know, there will only be able to be two more regeneration's before the doctor will have to perish forever. So if the next two actors to portray the doctor both stay for the three-four year period that Smith and most actors (barring of course Tom Baker and the five year stints of Jon Pertwee and David Tennant),there's the possibility Doctor Who might only run for another six-seven series before leaving the airwaves forever. That might change drastically in the plot of the show, but its more than worth considering.
                              Matt Smith's time on Doctor Who has represented an enormous level of personal growth for his incarnation. It bares me repeating that,following David Tennant's hugely successful run in the role, Matt Smith faced a similar dilemma to Peter Davison, before him the youngest actor to portray the doctor, did when he succeeded Tom Baker after his epic seven year stint in the role in 1982.  As with the Peter Davison era the 11th doctor held onto a stable set of companions in Amy and Rory for the majority of his run in the role. Unlike Davison, however they didn't carry over from the previous doctor. Only in the final half of his last series did he gain a new companion in Jenna-Louise Coleman's Clara.

                             Interesting enough there are a lot of people who show no great surprise or unhappiness that Matt Smith is leaving the role. This isn't something that could amount to dislike of him in the role. Some detractors I've read online do insist Smith's strong use of catch phrases severely dumbed down the character of the doctor. On the other hand its like that actor John Barrowman,who portrayed Captain Jack Harkness in the 9th and tenth doctor era's were likely unsurprised at Smith's departure mainly for the previously stated reason that most actors (barring of course Paul McGann along with Colin Baker and Christopher Eccleston's year long time in the role) stay in the role about the same amount of time generally. Although the show is going on an undetermined hiatus after the 50th anniversary special and a 12th doctor hasn't yet been chosen, I will greatly miss the late Amy Pond's "raggedy doctor".
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