Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's Happening Here As Doctor Who's 50'th Summer Is About To Begin?

             What would River Song say to me right now if the character heard me revealing my plans for the months of June on this blog? "Spoilers",I'm sure. Kidding aside (or just on the other end of the time vortex rather) it is fun to be surprised. On the other hand sometimes I surprise myself. So in that spirit I am going to discuss with you some of my plans for the coming month on this site. Now on June 8th there are two prominent Doctor Who birthday's: Carole Ann Ford and Colin Baker. In the program,both play grandfather and granddaughter (technically). On the other hand due the tragic limitation of first doctor era episodes available and the fact that I have already reviewed all of the sixth doctor episodes,I have some (hopefully) clever plans to deal with both dilemma's. As for anything more specific,let that be the big surprise for you.

            Later in the month are yet two more birthdays. That of Lalla Ward,who portrayed first Princess Astra in "The Armageddon Factor" part of 'The Key To Time' series of Doctor Who and in the next season the regenerated Romana. All episodes featuring her will be reviewed as well. The next day is the birthday of Maureen O'Brian,who played the first doctors second young companion Vicki in 1965. So that means that there will be a good dose of William Hartnell and Tom Baker episodes this month. This site was not created for mere episode reviews. So I am planning even more surprises such as Doctor Who related videos,critical articles and hopefully some updated information on some of the people involved in Doctor Who I'll be talking about this month. So keep your eyes to the stars and as they say ALLONS-Y!!!
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