Sunday, May 26, 2013

Doctor Who-Journey's End

                          As the doctor regenerates,a container holding a disembodied hand of the doctor absorbs all of the regenerative powers to only heal him rather than change his appearance. Sarah Jane Smith,about to be killed by invading Daleks,is saved by Micky and Jackie Tyler stepping out of their alternate universe. Since the impending collapse of the universe is connecting to what Davros and the Daleks are doing in the Medusa Cascade the doctor,Donna,Rose and Jack transport into the Cruscible,the planet sized headquarters for the new Dalek army's entire operation. While networking with Martha and UNIT on Earth,Davros holds the doctor and Rose prisoner in a force field while he locks Donna into the TARDIS and threatens her and the TARDIS's complete destruction in the Earth's core if the doctor doesn't cooperate with him. Meanwhile Micky,Jackie and Sarah Jane surrender to the Daleks and are ushered in with all the other human beings taken prisoner. Sarah Jane allows the pair to use a transporter device of her own to escape while she remains to search for the doctor. They all successfully break through as Davros and Dalek Caan,the seemingly demented and damaged Dalek prophesier announce their plans to use this 28 planet arrangement to create the energy for a reality bomb that will destroy all living matter in the material universe-making Daleks the only surviving lifeforms.

                Meanwhile as Donna sinks into the Earth's core,her hand inadvertently touches on the container and the regenerative energy from the doctors hand merges with her to create a human replica of the doctor,with many of her character traits that he explains to her as a merging of their two natures-that he know has part of her body and mind within him. By the time they return to the Crucible to confront Davros,Martha has taken the special Osterhagen key given to her by UNIT with her to Germany. As she tells the doctor,it was designed to set off multiple atomic detonations in the Earth's core to destroy the planet in an instant in the event of a catastrophic emergency. When Donna reappears with the alternate doctor Davros fires a disrupter at her as the doctor and proceeds to active the reality bomb. Just before the countdown was completed, it is stopped by Donna who had apparently gained the time lords intellectual experience as well during the merging. The original doctor recognizes the synergy of events since he's met Donna,all the odd coincidences were to culminate in this "Doctor Donna" hybrid. Using the magnatron device devised by his alternate self he is able to destroy the new Dalek fleet and possibly Davros along with it.

                While "Doctor Donna" was able to transfer 27 of the planets back to their original locations due to her blend of human and time lord instincts,Earth remains in place. It takes the talents of Donna,Sarah Jane Smith,Micky,Jack and Rose to pilot the TARDIS-apparently originally meant to be piloted by six people,to help the doctor use it to drag Earth back across time and space to its proper location within the universe. With Earth returned to its proper position the doctor returns Sarah Jane,Micky and Martha back to begin their lives again on Earth. Before returning to the TARDIS with Donna,he drops off Rose and Jackie in Bad Wolf Beach in the parallel universe they were in before with his alternate self-who he believes embodies his inner violence and torment,to be with Rose whom both doctors have a romantic interest in but,being human Rose can be with on her terms. When arriving inside the TARDIS, he recognizes from Donna's stuttering mental reactions that she cannot handle the merging of time lord knowledge with her own. And in the most difficult decision he has made,is forced to use his telepathic abilities to reverse every memory Donna ever had of the doctor. She returns Donna,with no memory of her encounters with him to Sylvia and Wilf-asking them both never to discuss any knowledge of him to her before he sadly departs.

                 Stringing three seasons worth of companions,even the stalwart K-9 in a cameo for good measure,was likely a challenging task for Russell T Davies when producing this show. And true to be said this hour long presentation is filled with fast paced "techno babble" (a regrettably fitting enough term I still dislike using due to its seeming celebration of ignorance) and abundance of interwoven story lines. It is not so much an epic television show but has a similar flavor to a film production. On the other hand this is likely the most sad and deeply effecting Doctor Who stories I've ever seen. Davros brings a conundrum to the doctors minds: despite his own personal non violence, he has many companions on Earth for example who will do such dirty work for him if the need arises. This leads not only to the doctors decision to leave his more human self with Rose in a parallel  reality,but in the culmination of this story. From The Runaway Bride through the entire fourth series Donna Noble had developed more strongly than any companion since the seventh doctor's Ace,while still referring to herself as the "nothing temp from Chiswick". In one shinning moment as the doctor points out,her humanity merging with his intellect allowed her to save Earth from the seemingly impossible to defeat new Dalek empire. And how would any human being whose journey to full intellectual enlightenment had to be robbed from them forever to save their lives? It is not so much Donna,sadly returned to a menial life on Earth with no memory of what she'd done,who suffers most. But the doctor,who again was forced into a position of baring  the sacrifice of another in a fate worse than death itself.
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