Thursday, May 16, 2013

Doctor Who-Silence In The Library

                          The doctor and Donna find themselves diverted into the 51'st century into what the doctor understands to be an enormous library containing every work of literature ever written in one massive planetary core. There's only one problem: there is no one inside the massive facility yet the library's computer indicates it to be heavily populated. They are greeted by these unusual kiosks containing people's faces-warning them to avoid something that casts a shadows.  This is confirmed by repeated warnings on the doctor's sonic paper-culminating in one that reads only "Hi Sweetie". The doctor and Donna are chased into one corner of the library by these over arching shadows that seem to be following them-seeming to justify the warning. Upon arriving they find a floating security camera that falls to the ground in reaction to the doctors screwdriver. When he inspects it,its reaction of being in pain indicates that it is in fact a sentient device. What the doctor cannot see see is a young girl in therapy-seeing the events in the library playing out in her mind. Before they can go further,the door opens again and the doctor and Donna are greeted by a  a team of people in spacesuits. One of them is someone who addresses herself as Professor River Song.  Dr. Song is accompanied by an archaeological team led by a man named Lux,son of the library's found,Miss Evangelista and two other team members named Dave. They are responding to the same call of distress. However something is a bit strange about River Song.  Her language makes it clear she has very close knowledge of the doctor and his procedures,yet from his point of view he has never met her before. 

            For his part the doctor has now concluded that they are all under attack by a species called the Vasta Nerada,shadow creatures that live just outside ones field of vision and consume human flesh. When trying to tap into the computer again,the doctor encounters the young girl again-only she sees him on her TV screen. Her manipulation of the remote for the TV set causes books to fly out among the team,so they decide to split up to continue their investigation. Miss Evangelista is the first to become the victim of them when investigating another part of the library. As the team,including the doctor and Donna,very sadly have to witness,her skeletal remains are "ghosting",a term used by River to describe how the green sensor device on their suits temporarily holds their memory in storage at the time of death. After this, the doctor notices one of the Dave's casting three shadows. After transporting Donna back to the TARDIS, the doctor returns to find Dave overcome by the Vasta Nerada and is himself ghosting.He on the other hand begins to give chase as the River,using her sonic device is able to activate the lights in another part of the library to reveal that Donna's face is now one of the library kiosks repeating "Donna Noble has been saved" again and again. Meanwhile the girls therapist is now telling her that the library she's been seeing is real.

            This brilliantly executed story is bought into life by the characters,the mysteries and the subtleties. The atmosphere of an unused library is substantially creep even for the knowing and wise time lord. He is equally puzzled by the arrival of the even more mysterious River Song,who knows him quite intimately somehow but he has never met her in his life as far as he knows. Yet at the same time, she has the knowledge to help her,the doctor and her team escape the fate of being consumed by the Vasta Nerada-an alien race who come off as even more fear inducing as the Weeping Angels. The lingering seen of the Doctor,River,Donna and the theological team having to witness the "ghosting" memory pattern of Miss Evangelista is one of the most sad moments in Doctor Who up to this particular point-making you aware of how much River Song has taken from the doctors sense of morality of which he at this point knows not what.  Even before the story really kicks off, the doctor and Donna are presented with a series of questions that instantly seem more important than their answers-as everything appears to connect to a young girl who the doctor only has one interaction with in this part of the story.
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