Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Doctor Who-Partners In Crime

                           Roughly a year after her encounter with the Doctor, Donna Noble takes a job as a door to door representative for Adipose Industries,who are offering a new diet pill that is promising to reduce body fat by use of a special capsule that advertises fat as "walking out the door". What Donna does not know is that the doctor,under the name John Smith has himself applied for a job at Adipose in order to investigate some strange occurrences  He visits a customer who claims to have been awoken early by rustling sounds near his cat door. A customer Donna is visiting actually disappears before her eyes-replaced by two small white bipedal creatures. Donna,who has been watching the stars every night for the TARDIS with her grandfather Wilf, follows the doctor unknowingly to a meeting between Adipose's CEO Miss Foster when she is speaking to a skeptical employee. Donna and the doctor,both watching the event through opposite windows, both overhear Miss Foster discussing how the Adipose pill is actually the catylst for her seeding millions of unknowing humans with an alien embryo that grows off body fat and,if necessary the rest of the human body as well. Through pantomime in the windows, the doctor and Donna identify each other and the situation as it seems.  Foster notices both of them while the doctor and Donna both meet each other and run to a nearby outdoor lift when Foster uses a sonic device to try to plunge them to their death. 

          The doctor escapes through a window in time to get Donna,hanging off the side of the lift into the building where they confront Foster,actually a midwife for the Adiposian first family-who is attempting to use Britain's overweight population as breeding stock for the species which,as the doctor points out,is a felony in galactic law for a planet of Earth's type. While escaping Foster again,the doctor and Donna locate a gigantic computer core in her office,which is operated by the golden pendents each Adipose employee is given. While the doctor is unsuccessful trying to de-activate it with his, Donna provides her own and they are successful. However before this happens Foster activates the breeding controls. Donna's mother Sylvia,at a private dinner with an Adipose customer plays witness to thousands of infant Adipose emerging from some of the guests. Meanwhile Foster,thinking she will escape on the Adiposian mothership because of her help in breeding their children, doesn't realize that as the doctor points out the adult Adiposians are aware of the law against what was done. They retrieve their children,and Foster along with them but realize what she has done and she falls to her death when they de-activate the drop their teleporation device and fly back to their world. Donna then decides to take up the doctor on his earlier invitation to join him. He agrees and she leaves the key to her mothers vehicle in a bin near where she parked her car and asks a young woman to hold onto it-who turns out to be Rose Tyler.

            It was fairly clear at the end of The Runaway Bride that Donna Noble would likely one day elect to take up the doctor on her invitation. While her mother Sylvia is depicted as doubting Donna's abilities to lead a productive life its her grandfather,the dreamy and enthusiastic Wilf, who supports her in her quest to search for "the right man in the blue box" who she feels will change her life for the better. Of course part of the appeal of the doctor to Donna is that she has no physical attraction to him.  And that gives her an interesting sense of impersonal security. The doctor for his part, still weary of feeling responsible for the fates of Rose and now Martha, is not only divided on his feelings on having Donna put herself at risk by joining him in the TARDIS but is also unwilling to let harm come to the Adipose infants solely because of their illegal conception. The Adipose,for their part, a very cuddly marshmallow type creatures-too helpless to be considered villains and their place in the story are as pawns of Miss Foster's egoism,as well as the stories comedic satire on people's shallow obsession with the wrong kind of weight loss. This ends up being an excellent comeback/return story for Donna Noble and a chance for the doctor to (hopefully) successfully travel with another companion.
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