Sunday, May 26, 2013

Doctor Who-The Stolen Earth

                         The doctor and Donna stop back on Earth after their encounter on Shan Shen,where the doctor is concerned about the reappearance of Bad Wolf,knowing of course that Rose is looking for him. When he returns to the TARDIS after believing Earth is fine,the TARDIS is hit with a massive shock wave. When he opens the door he and Donna find the Earth has disappeared without a trace. Only knowing one option,the doctor and Donna head for the Shadow Proclamation for help. And there they discover Earth,along with 27 other planets have somehow been moved to the Medusa Cascade. The people of Earth-including Martha Jones and UNIT,Sylvia and Wilf,Sarah Jane Smith and Luke along with Jack Harckness and Torchwood are all confused by the sudden appearance of 27 new planets in Earth orbit. The doctor meanwhile learns in the Shadow proclamation that the Earth is under attack,which they are quickly enduring by his ancient enemy-the Daleks. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Martha Jones-now working for the top secret Project Indigo activates it,actually a Sontaran teleportation device.Meanwhile the doctor returns to the Medusa Cascade to find nothing there. 

              But all is not lost. Disbared Prime Minister Harriet Jones has found a way to link to Sarah Jane,Torchwood and even Martha over a technology called subwave radio,which the Daleks (who humans have now surrender to) cannot read through. Rose is also now in the fray,appearing with a weapon that can destroy Daleks and saving Wilf's life in the process. Of course because Sylvia has no webcam Rose cannot network with the team who,at Harriet's suggestion,has developed a system to allow every phone on Earth to send an enormous tracing signal to the doctor. When he receives it,he realizes the Daleks have set these planets out of sync one second with the rest of the universe. Now part of Harriet's link up, she sacrifices herself to the Daleks. The call is interrupted by Davros,who didn't die as thought during the time war but has created an even more powerful Dalek army from the cells of his own body. When the doctor arrives on Earth and is running to meet Rose,a Dalek exterminates him and forces a shock regeneration.

               This is a story that tries to bridge all of the events of the previous four series of the relaunched Doctor Who into a two part story,of which this is the first. Its an extremely fast paced,busy story on which volumes could be written about every little detail. Even so its still nice to see the late Elizabeth Sladen,Billie Piper,Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman all working together to help the doctor and Donna in their important mission. In this story the Daleks are particularly hostile towards the human race. The ninth doctor,portrayed by Christopher Eccleston referred to them in the episode Dalek as "the ultimate in racial cleansing". And in this episode that is exactly how they behave-rather more like fascist shock troops with a specific personal agenda rather than emotionless constructs. They are very concerned with obedience-even destroying an innocent family resisting them in front of hundreds of people. Donna Noble even gets a cryptic message of a terrible fate that awaits her from the Shadow Proclamation. And we're left to wonder if the doctor will regenerate or not.
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