Wednesday, October 24, 2012


                         Because I was looking to get a broader outlook on the classic Doctor Who series before getting into the currently more talked about modern relaunch,I haven't yet posted many reviews for the modern series save for one review months ago for the ninth doctor series starring Christopher Eccleston. I am hear to inform readers of this blog that this is all about to change.

            In five days from this writing,Matt Smith will be celebrating his 30'th birthday. It's an auspicious day for me,not only because he has been making enormous contributions to a line of actors playing the role originated by William Hartnell in 1963,but because Doctor Who's 50'th anniversary is coming up in a month. So I would like to take this time before Matt Smith's birthday to take a look at some of the newest Doctor Who episodes and review them.

          Doctor Who had an enormous effect,in it's original serialized format,during it's first run in both the UK and eventually the world over. Unlike many other high quality thoughtful science fiction programs though,Doctor Who has made a well realized and successful television comeback. And because of that fact,as well as the shows golden anniversary coming up soon thought it was the right time to celebrate the modern series a bit more than I have been.
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