Friday, October 26, 2012

Doctor Who-Victory Of The Daleks
                           Following their adventure on the Spaceship UK,the Doctor is summoned to World War II era England by an old acquaintance of the Doctor in non other than Sir Winston Churchill himself. Arriving a month late from the summons the Doctor arrives to find not only Churchill requesting he help England win the war,but to demonstrate the new strike force created by his scientific advisor Erwin Bracewell called an Ironside. However one observation of the ironsides reveal them to be none other than Daleks. Through a direct attack on one of them,the Doctor is able to reveal the Daleks original programming,and the fact they've been looking for him with their broken down spaceship parked behind Earth's moon. For Amy's Pond's part,she is more than happy to assist in saving the history of her planet,though she and the Doctor are both puzzled as to why she cannot remember the previous Dalek invasion of Earth. Transporting himself in the TARDIS aboard the Dalek spaceship,the Doctor learns that the Daleks were near extinction after their previous encounter and bought their ship to Earth to regenerate their progenitor device they intended to use to create a new Dalek army. 

                Though threatening to destroy the TARDIS and the Daleks,the Doctor is then threatened with the destruction of Earth if he does so via a beam from the Dalek ship that keeps London's power generators from shutting off,ending the city blackouts and leaving London vulnerable to German attacked. After being confronted with the new,multi colored and more powerful Dalek army the Doctor returns to Earth with more revelations: that Bracewell is not only a pre-programed android created by the Daleks but is a living bomb designed to destroy the planet as well. First they try to use his advanced scientific knowledge to create space flight capable fighter planes to stop the Dalek power beam. But this ends in failure with some casualties. By appealing to deep human emotions programmed within him such as love and regret,the Doctor and Amy are able de-activate the bomb with Bracewell,at which time the blackout of London is restored and the Dalek threat to Earth stopped,though the new Daleks escape in their spaceship. After a final offer from Churchill for the doctor to help him win the war,he and Amy leave Earth after sparing the life of Bracewell. Still confused as to her lack of memory of the Dalek invasion of Earth,Amy departs with the Doctor as the same crack in the wall she'd once had in her bedroom re-appears on the wall behind her.

               Though happy to help the revered Winston Churchill,played in the proper valiant yet puckish manner by the great Robbie Coltrane,the Doctor again begins to lose control around the Daleks,the only race he feels complete disdain and fear of due to their annihilation of the time lords. His violent loss of self control in front of Amy and Churchill when confronted with the "ironside" Dalek is one of the best expressions of his feelings towards the Daleks. The character of Erwin Bracewell is,although the unwilling protagonist of the story,is a character one would tend to sympathize for. Realizing in under an hour his entire life and experiences were a lie,he is put into a position of putting his life back together knowing he's not what he realized. One speculates the reason the Doctor spared his life was because he felt the same struggle within him: that his hatred of the Daleks and what they represent and wish to destroy them is always sabotaged by the Daleks constantly using his loving and protective feelings towards humanity as a bargaining chip. These qualities all make this a wonderfully theatrical,visually stunning and well written story for the Doctor and the Daleks.
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