Monday, October 22, 2012


          It's a little hard to get away from the fact that,at this point I am lot closer to nearing 100 posts for this blog. For the most part,they have been reviews of classic Doctor Who stories from the first run. That is going to change in the coming weeks and months. Being that it is an election year in the US,I am running an election of my own here on Tardisiriffic. And that is for you to vote from a list I am providing of Doctor Who episodes that you would like me to review here for my 100'th video. Keep in mind,upon reading this please leave your votes/comments on the blog post,not under the link wherever I am posting on Facebook. This is partly to get viewers to comment within the blog. I appreciate your votes and,whatever wins out in terms of the context I hope my review lives up to it!   Also note you have one week to vote. Thank you very much! And the contestants for the 100'th post contests are:

The City of Death


Horror Of Fang Rock

The Deadly Assassin

The Time Meddler


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