Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doctor Who-Flesh And Stone
                                 Following Amy's psychokinetic  experience with the Weeping Angels,the Doctor decided to open trap himself within the maze of Angels and was able to enter inside the Byzantium followed by Amy,River,Father Octavian and his troops. When inside the ship,they find a gigantic forest that,as River points out,serves as an Oxygen factory supplying the environmental needs of the ship. At this point however it is providing yet another environment for the angels whom,as it seems have deeply effected Amy as she is counting backwards from ten to herself unawares. Still communicating with "Angel Bob",the Doctor learns the angels are actually toying with the team to conceal their real purposes. He learns of this when the same crack opens in the wall that he'd seen in Amy's childhood bedroom appears around them,and that there is a massive rip in the fabric of time that's not only somehow effected  by Amy but on which the angels are intent on feeding from.

                                    Upon joining his companions to flee from the angels,Amy nearly dies at the time the Doctor determined she had an angel inhabiting her body from earlier when her eyes were fixed on it and the two had merged. Asking her to close to her eyes to stave off death in the company of some of Octavian's troops while he and River went off to investigate further. Of course Amy herself begins to ascertain the problem when the troops around her proceed to investigate a white crack that appears around them and,each time one is absorbed by it they cannot seem to remember each other. Unable to open her eyes the Doctor,realizing the danger of the rip in time that would eliminate Amy and everyone else from existence asks her to follow his voice and,at the crucial moment when the angels grabbed her River Song managed to get the ships teleportation unit function in time to get Amy about of trouble. 

                                   At first fully intent to sacrifice himself in order to close the rift in time,much as Octavian had done earlier to the angels and to the dismay of River Song,he realizes the the angels and their own space/time displacement could just as easily accomplish this. After deactivating the ship's gravity in that area,the angels are blown into the rift temporarily closing it. Upon bidding River farewell,imprisoned for the murder of a "good man" in a future time,Amy requests of the doctor they return to Earth shortly after her previous departure. At first making it clear she is questioning her decision in regard to her upcoming wedding,she first moves in on the Doctor who she has apparently developed an infatuation for. Upon resisting her advances,the doctor realizes he must again bring her along on his journeys since the numbers he and River earlier calculated aboard the Byzantium match those on the clock and calender on the night he and Amy returned to her home.

                                  This is a story that illustrates,sometimes in almost wrenching detail,the Doctor experiencing a somewhat rare "dark night of the soul" where a lot is happening in a very short amount of time. The hectic pacing and dialog of this story isn't the only source of this atmosphere. Especially towards the end of his experience on the Byzantium,the Doctor shows signs of being completely overwhelmed,
vulnerable and completely lacking in control over the situation. It's a tribute to the acting talents of Matt Smith that the doctors frustration and the possibility that Amy Pond's entire existence is in grave danger is delivered with such authenticity. Not to mention the possibility the end of time and the universe itself was perhaps at hand. Also there's the possibility that the "good man" River Song freely admitted to murdering might,in some future time,be another incarnation of the Doctor. Again,this is left to time to find out. The Doctors resistance to Amy's romantic advances not only perhaps adds some mystery to his future association with River Song but also to knowledge of Amy's future of which she is not even aware. A very successful,involved and satisfying cliffhanger overall.
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