Friday, October 26, 2012

Doctor Who-The Time Of Angels
                             In a museum in the distant future,the Doctor and Amy discover a device called a home box containing glyphs from high ancient Gallifreyan,the language of the time lords. Upon returning from the TARDIS,they end up intercepting a spaceship called the Byzantium about to crash land and someone suddenly floats through space from the ship to the TARDIS who turns out to be non other than River Song,the doctors mysterious companion from his future who knowledge of him and the TARDIS's operation both confuses and delights Amy. River guides the TARDIS to the planet Alfvava Metraxis,where the Byzantium had crashed on this 51'st century human colony .The militarized cleric Father Octavian leads his troops,River,Amy and the Doctor in search of a  Weeping Angel ,a deadly anthropomorphic stone creature able to displace other life forms in time if ones eyes are taken off of it,that was on board the ship and whom the Doctor had encountered before. 

                     While observing the behavior of the angel on a viewscreen Amy becomes fixated with the angel and,although told not to take her eye of it is soon made aware of the fact,as the doctor points out that any image of an angel becomes an actual angel. Traumatized by the incident,Amy is rescued by the Doctor and River and led by Father Octavian and his troops to a place called the Maze of The Dead,filled with many statues which may or may not be weeping angels. While many of the troops are displaced and killed by the angels the party-including the Doctor and Amy,soon begin to find themselves confused by many strange distractions. The Doctor is at mislead to feel guilt over one of the troops contacting him from the dead,while Amy is temporarily paralyzed when she believes her hand has turned to stone. In the end the Doctor determines the only way to stop the angels,who on Alfvava are dying and trying to regenerate is to trap himself within the Maze of the dead.

                 This cliffhanger sets up from very interesting presidents for the Doctor. He is confronted by two mysteries from his life. One is River Song,played with vigorous cunning by Alex Kingston,from his future who comes off as trying to direct the nature of his missions in a specific direction. Still it burns Amy,as it probably does many,that the exact nature of her relationship to the Doctor remains unknown. Also there's the Weeping Angels,literally embodiments of a horror story character that takes a person out of time itself if one blinks and eye or looks away. For their part the crew of the Byzantium come across as futurist Christian military crusaders. They have a bit of an agenda in regard to their discovery of the Weeping Angels as proof of their cause perhaps,yet as is often the case find they are actually biting off far more than they can chew. Once the doctor is faced with with the idea his and Amy's fears have begun physically manifesting themselves,he has to make a choice even he isn't sure about.
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