Sunday, December 2, 2012

Doctor Who-Closing Time
                                                 In the midst of a group of employees at a local department store suddenly going missing and odd power fluctuations,the Doctor arrives at the new home of his old friend Craig Owens,now living in a new home with Sophie and their infant son Alphie who,according to the doctor,prefers the name Stormageddon. Something is amiss in the neighborhood and because of Craig's empathic connection with the doctor he is very aware something is under investigation. While masquerading as a partnered couple in the same department store where the employee's have gone missing the doctor was able to ascertain  the presence of a Cybermat,due to mention of "silver rats" and an elevator leading into some type of spaceship. So there's awareness of the fact that the Cybermen are on Earth again seeking energy to run their ship. What he's missing is the how and why.

                                          Upon returning home Craig is again nearly killed by a Cybermat,after which the doctor returns to the lift at the store with Craig to discover that not only have the Cyberman not teleported down from orbit,but their spaceship has been stranded underground for a long time and they've been trying to build up the energy to escape. Craig is than captured by the Cybermen but it's the cries of Alphie,whom he left with one of the stores employee's temporarily,he is able to break free from the Cybermen's assimilation attempt and his overwhelming emotion destroy them saving the lives of everyone. After a bit of housework in Craig's home from the doctor and a gift of a stetson to him from Craig the doctor is off again to meet his destiny who,in a future time has again encountered Madame Kovarian,is preparing the woman now known as River Song for just that very event.

                                       Much in the spirit of 'The Lodger' this functions as a whimsical buddy comedy/adventure for the doctor and Craig Owens. Though in order to accomplish their mission some mild homo eroticism is played up between the two characters,the theme of this story is basically about broadening the definitions of love. While possessed of a personality abound of love and kindness,the still meek Craig lacks confidence as a father. Parallel is the doctors own confidence in his own life,which he understands is soon to come to an end perhaps because of his overzealous involvement in the lives of others. This also is emphasized by a far away encounter with Amy and Rory at the department store by the doctor,and learning she's now become a famous cosmetics spokeswomen and moved on in life without him. While on the surface a charming tale about platonic and familial love between the doctor,Craig and his son underneath is also the idea of questioning one's own mortality.
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