Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Doctor Who-Warrior's Gate
                                              On board a space ship carrying some type of previous living cargo,the ships navigator escapes into a white void. Meanwhile the TARDIS,still trapped and seeking a way out of E-space encounters a system of ripples emanating from outside the space/time continuum called time winds. These winds bring with them a hair covered human who address's himself as Biroc,claiming their past to be his future. The TARDIS finds itself in the same void from which Biroc claimed. While Romana and Adric stay behind to repair a K-9 damaged by the time waves the doctor goes ahead to investigate further. Pretty soon the scanners indicate the presence of humanoids approaching. It's the crew of the other space ship who've also found themselves here due to Biroc's escape . So Romana decides to follow the ships crew,led by Rorvik to investigate on her own,leaving K-9 in the hands of Adric.

                                     The doctor locates what appears to be a cathedral like structure. Inside is a dinning room collecting cobwebs with age and a group of armored figures. One of them begins to attack the doctor,when he manages to remove one of their heads where he locates a device to help restore K-9 to proper function. However another of these devices reveal themselves to be Gundam's,robotic servants of a slave order that had once reigned in this place. For her part,Romana learns that Rorvik and his crew are seeking time sensitive people such as herself to navigate their ship and Biroc,and those like him are at present being used. After another encounter with Biroc the doctor learns yet more about this himself-that his people the Tharils were once rulers of an ancient time/space empire before Rorvick,whose ship is made of dwarf star alloy,and his people enslaved them because of their time sensitivity. With the revelation of the Tharil's predicament, as well as the knowledge that K-9 is now only able to operate in E-space,Romana decides to remain behind with K-9 and Biroc to liberate the other Tharils from all time and space while the doctor and Adric return to their own universe.

                                        This is one of those stories that is defined by what is the very essence of Doctor Who itself. Presenting the TARDIS trapped within a non material gateway between their material universe and E-Space's antimatter universe,it gives the opportunity for the doctor and Romana to try to understand it on similar philosophical ground as the audience. The settings are presented in what,for the shows almost non existent budget,in a very visually stunning way-making particular use of black and white still photography,blue screen and clever set design.This also leads to witty scenes such as K-9 trying to explain the I-Ching to a puzzled Adric. While Rorvik's vessel is destroyed in it's attempt to leave the void gateway,he is not the only character in this story who has enslaved others. While a noble and sympathetic character,Biroc is motivated in his actions to liberate the other Tharil's by more then the need for freedom. But that in a past time,the Tharil's had themselves become so megalomaniacal with their control of time and space they too had become abusive to life forms less advanced than them. Realizing this,as well as her reluctance to return to Gallifrey to end her journey with the doctor are motivating factors in Romana remaining in E-space with K-9,not only in part to assist Biroc in locating the other enslaved Tharils.
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