Thursday, December 13, 2012

Doctor Who-The Keeper Of Traken
                            On Adric's first journey's alone with doctor aboard the TARDIS,they find that they are on an automatic course to the planet Traken,known throughout time as a great source of peace and tranquility. This is accompanied by the presence source of the course correction The Keeper,the overseer and main inspiration for the people of Traken. He summons the doctor and Adric to his world,where a creature called the Melkur has appeared and somehow manipulated Kassia,a woman about to marry Consul Tremas,who is about to inherit access to the Source,the key to the Traken Union's technological power. And that he senses a great evil trying to manipulate this. At the beginning of his arrival,the doctor and Adric see this first hand when,while sent by the Keeper himself that Kassia encourages the other leaders of the Traken Union he is in fact the invading evil and should be kept out from under foot at all costs. The Traken Union itself is under debate about what the doctor represents including the Fosters,overseers of the spiritual welfare of the capital. One of these Fosters,a man named Niman has come under the influence of a cult of Melkur of sorts who,along with Kassia have become convinced that the peaceful Traken should now take up arms against preceived invaders to their peace. 

              Facing an allience and eventual imprisonment by the apparently brainwashed Kassia,Tremas and his brilliant daughter Nyssa assist the Doctor and Adric in uncovering what is really occurring on their world. Realizing Kassia's plans are to install herself as the new Keeper as the old one is dying,leaving the Melkur in control of the planet,Nyssa helps the TARDIS crew and her father to escape imprisonment. She and Adric than devise a plan on board the TARDIS for a servo shutdown of the source,disabling the Melkur's plans. Once Kassia is officially installed as Keeper,she herself is vaporized as the Melkur takes control. Noticing it's unusual level of mobility,the doctor manages to enter to find out that his old nemesis the Master is behind all this disorder,having disguised his TARDIS as the Melkur in order to cheat his death now that his 12'th regeneration is coming to an end. Just in time the servo shutdown is successful,the doctor escapes and the people of Traken thank him. Upon leaving however,what the doctor does not see is that the Master,disguising his TARDIS as a grandfather clock which attracted Tremas's curiosity and allowed the Master to commander his body to the bewilderment of daughter Nyssa.

                From the very beginning even the doctor,a man whose very likely to have seen it all in time and space is highly impressed with the intellectual and cultural achievements of the Traken Union,who have taken up his own adage of intellect over reactionism to build a peaceful society for themselves and those involved with them. Throughout this serial Tom Baker is astounding,with his well rounded display of facial expression in different parts of the story illustrates the doctors disappointment and even frustration as the presence of the Master begins to denigrate their accomplishments all too quickly-first by manipulating Kassia and than intimidating the council of the Traken Union itself. This is a well written and acted story that focuses primarily on the very core of what Doctor Who stands for sociologically speaking. And by having the Master as the main protagonist brings the doctor,already strongly motivated in this particular adventure,into a far strong position than even he'd anticipated.
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