Thursday, December 20, 2012

Doctor Who-The Runaway Bride
                                            In Cheswick, a temp for the firm HC Clements named Donna Noble is about to get married when she suddenly finds herself on board the TARDIS,vocally demanding an explanation. Reminding him that he had just said his final goodbyes to companion Rose Tyler,he opts to take her up on her demands to return to Cheswick but arrives in Oxford. After getting her a taxi to return to her wedding,the doctor notices that her driver is one of the same robotic henchmen disguised as Santa Claus ornaments. After engineering a daring escape for the bewildered bride,the TARDIS is spent of energy and they are forced to attend the reception which has apparently continued without her. The doctor presents Donna with a dampening ring to keep her from the robots. However an attack from them results in tree ornaments-turned-improvised-explosives before Donna and the Doctor make their escape.  The doctor than probes Donna as to where she worked and how she met her fiancee Lance.  The doctor is able to use a reconstructed cell phone to reveal that HC Clements,the company she worked for had one sole share holder: Torchwood. There the doctor meets up with Lance,where he discovers a lower basement button in the elevator only available by executive key. Able to use his sonic screwdriver to override this they soon find themselves in an underground laboratory. 

                                 Here the doctor reveals to Donna her body has been infiltrated with deadly Huron particles which have allowed her body to become pure energy which is now linked with the TARDIS. Barely understanding any of what is happening around her,they soon meet up with the cause for all these trouble: the empress of the Racnoss,a race the doctor believes to have been extinct. Seems Lance was actually working for the empress,had poisoned Donna with the huon particles and didn't actually love her at all.After revealing she plans to use to human race to feed her children living in the Earth,the doctor takes Donna back to the beginning of the solar system to investigate,only to find the Racnoss ship is in fact the core of the Earth itself that put the entire planets formation into motion. Upon returning,Donna is captured along with Lance by the Empress-both of whom are to be fed to her children at the Earth's core. The doctor,after failing to negotiate with her to have her settled on another world,is forced to destroy her-the last of her kind just as himself. Upon returning her home,the doctor invites Donna to join him as a companion. After being so overwhelmed,she decides to remain on Earth to improve and enrich her life.

                              Catherine Tate does a terrific job in this dazzling sci-fi dramady that additionally serves as a character sketch for Donna Noble. A grown woman who is deprecating herself right out of a life of genuine romance and adventure she winds up having to beg someone to marry her. And in turn ends up not only being betrayed personally but having her own planet betrayed in the process. Awkward and slow on the uptake,Donna seems on the surface to be shallow and unintellectual. At the same time after witnessing the creation of the Earth,and being mixed up in the doctors complex emotions she realizes hers was only a case of poor self image. And that she really wanted to become a greater part of the world around her. The doctor,while participating in his usual witty prattle and some funny moments,including accidentally flooding the streets with money from an ATM in Oxford and using the WUB's at Donna's reception to amplify his sonic screwdriver,he deeply misses Rose Tyler who he shows strong romantic emotions for. His unusual reaction to the elongated death of the final Rachnoss speaks even more to the characters emotional complexities in this sweeping and touching holiday based story.
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