Saturday, December 1, 2012

Doctor Who-The God Complex
                              The doctor,Amy and Rory find themselves in a 1980's style Earth hotel where the doctor concludes everything has been replicated by an alien force. On the lobby wall they find an abundance of framed photos of the wall of people faces,below which appears to be a listing of how they died. At this point they are accosted by three individuals. Two are humans named Rita,a nurse and Howie,a conspiracy theorist computer blogger. The other is Gibbus,from an ancient race accustomed to surrender. The doctor finds another of their companions Joe in a room filled with laughing ventriloquist puppets giving praise to someone unknown and agreeing to sacrificing his life. And somehow he does. There is mention from him that each of these people have a "room for them". And after encountering rooms filled with Weeping Angels,it would seem that way. The doctor thus concludes they are being menaced by a monster that feeds on fear.

                              One by one each of these people succumbs to their fears and their lives are taken by the monster. First is Howie,whose suspition and mistrust lead him to defer to "praise". Than comes Rita,who is Muslim ,who is convinced they are in Janannam-the dark side of the Muslim afterlife. This leaves the doctor to conclude that the monster,who he had just encountered and who was beginning to be killed,was sustaining itself on the faith of these individuals. And it is in fact Amy's trust in the doctor that bought the TARDIS there to begin with. Upon convincing Amy of his selfishness in taking her and Rory on his journey's the monsters life is ended,and the hotel disappears. Turns out the creature is actually a descent of the Nimon race who manipulate societies  in order to breed the mistrust of faith it needs to survive. After the entire ordeal the doctor elects,at least for now,to return Amy and Rory back to their home with a parting gift sports car to spare them from any harm he could unintentionally inflict.

                            While an excellent and provocative story with a lot of well conceived horror elements,this may not be the easiest of Doctor Who episodes to watch from a psychological perspective. Brewing for some time since his regeneration,the set up of this story leaves him very much as a vulnerable and un-heroic figure as he must seriously convince Amy Pond that her life is in danger in his personal quest for justice and adventure,despite his loneliness. The message of this is very clear. This is very much the story of how people are almost always mislead by outward faith,religious or otherwise. And in this case their lives come to an end for this very reason. And more so,the events shake the doctors faith in himself to the core-to the point where he temporarily parts company with Amy and Rory who,while understanding of his reasons,seem to view him as being rather hard on himself. And mainly because he was not able to save three lives.

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