Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doctor Who-The Girl Who Waited
                             Upon arriving to Apalapucia,which the Doctor understands to be pleasure planet ideal for a vacation spot for himself,Amy and Rory they find themselves in a room filled with doors leading into different rooms and being accosted by faceless robot attendants they come to call Handbots. However the room Amy has entered and the one the doctor and Rory are in are on totally different time streams,with Amy's moving at a faster rate. Each chamber is equipped with temporal mirrors to see into and interact with each others timeline. Interaction with the Handbots reveals Apalapucia has been afflicted with the Gen 7 one day plague that is lethal to the doctor and the native population,but to which Amy and Rory are now immune to. While the doctor and Rory return to the TARDIS with the temporal mirror to keep track of Amy,it's up to her to find a place where the doctor can wait for her. And avoid the Handbots who function to commit mercy killings to anyone they encounter,perceived automatically to have the plague with what they call "the kindness".

                           After encountering many different pleasure vistas left behind,Amy finds a place to wait for the doctor near temporal engines where the Handbots will not get to her. Unfortunately by the time the TARDIS finally arrives Rory encounters a middle aged Amy. While she has become more adaptable at fighting the Handbots,she has also learned to fight her feelings for Rory and especially the doctor,who she's grown a serious resentment towards. The doctor soon realizes that in order to save the Amy from her original time frame,her future self would have to interect with her. The one wild card is that the older Amy doesn't wish to cease existing. Believing that there's a way for both Amy's to maintain their existence,the Doctor combines his TARDIS to bend time with the two Amy's synced thoughts to do so. However before they all get back to the TARDIS,they are again accosted by the Handbots and the young Amy is knocked out by one of them,while the older Amy remains to fight them off as a distraction. Inside the TARDIS the doctor admits to Rory that both Amy's would create a massive paradox. Realizing too her situation,the elder Amy elects to allow herself to be killed by "the kindness" as her time line ceases to exist.

                          While this story brings a lot to the table,it's foremost element is the level of emotionalism it brings out in the characters. Once again the doctors  often jagged perceptions of linear time leaves Amy stranded waiting for decades before the doctor finally returns as promised. Unlike her initial brush with the situation on their first encounter,the elder Amy Pond illustrated here has had to spend nearly four decades fighting off robots and has become extremely bitter-viewing the doctors words as half truths. Realizing this double betrayal too,Rory begins to share these sentiments himself to the point of vowing not to travel with the doctor himself. So in this story,it's primarily up to the doctor to act in the most reasonable manner possible in order to restore both the doctor and the elder Amy's confidence in him enough to allow the younger one to survive. It's very much a story of people's alternating views on emotion and the passage of time. And reflects on much of the decision making of the doctor himself.
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