Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doctor Who-Night Terrors
                              The doctor received a message from a child on Earth during Amy and Rory's time in a council estate requesting to save him from monsters. While not directed specifically to him,the doctor decides to make a "house call" as it were. After checking the other residents in vein,including the landlord Purcell he comes across a couple named Alex and Claire and his son George,who it seems somehow sent the doctor the original message. Alex,perceiving the doctor to be a case worker allows him to investigate. The doctor discovers that his Alex and Claire are at the end of the ropes with the oddly fear riddled George and are considering sending him into foster care. In the meantime,at George's request,they locked all of the toys that frightened George into a closet in front of his bed. There is a strange event occurring of which the doctor is all too soon aware. An elderly resident,the landlord Purcell himself and Amy and Rory while in an elevator find themselves in what appears to be an enlarged 18'th century doll house,surrounded by anamorphic peg dolls. 

                              Upon being touched by them,first Purcell than Amy also seem to become peg dolls. When the doctor manages to open the closet to eswage George's fears,George again reacts in kind and both the Doctor and Alex are pulled in. With the revelation that it's a dollhouse,and with George entering to search for his father the doctor comes to understand that George is actually a Tenza,a telepathic alien who was able to become the ideal child for Alex and Claire who couldn't conceive children. And that this entire fiasco was a fantasy concocted from George's mind,being empathic, based around  his fears. By convincing George that,alien or not,he still cared for him as a father and intended to do right by him. At this particular point everyone from Purcell and Amy are restored to their normative conditions and the doctor leaves Alex and Claire with the understanding that,no matter how difficult their lives seem to be,George will by nature adapt himself to be their ideal son.

                               Based upon the childhood fear of dolls of writer Mark Gatiss,this story takes very familiar imagery common to both youthful fears of the unknown as well as similarly based horror cinema and brings it to all to life as something that poses a genuine puzzle for the doctor. Still the entire scenario is confusing for him. His original motivation was his own soft spot for children. Despite being the last of the time lords from a very alien culture,this story goes far to illustrate the inherent humanitarianism at the core of Doctor Who itself. Though at heart caring parents,between their economic woes and George's fears they find themselves unable to cope with their child's unusual and irrational fears. Whereas the revelation of one's child being extra terrestrial in origin might normally be soul destroying event for any parents,in this case it actually seemed to put an end to their concerns about George's experiences. 
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