Friday, November 16, 2012

Doctor Who-The Doctors Wife
                                While answering what appears to be a knock at the door of the TARDIS while travelling through time and space the Doctor intercepts a distress call he believes to be from a fellow time lord named Corsiar. Upon setting the TARDIS for said coordinates he,Amy and Rory find themselves intercepted by a trio of disheveled and apparently mentally unbalanced people. Not only that,but the very life force of the TARDIS seems to be drained .One of the people here is a woman named Idris who claims to have first hand knowledge of the Doctor. He sends and Amy and Rory back to to TARDIS while he searches for lost time lords here through an interception via an Ood called nephew by House,the sentient planet they are on. This leads him to discover House has been collecting TARDIS's,and therefore their distress beacons,for some time-feeding on their radiant space/time energies. And the people inhabiting this place are merely patchwork reconstructions from other life forms,including time lords. Not only are there no actual time lords here,but House is planning to destroy the Doctors TARDIS in the same manner as all the others. With Amy and Rory aboard.

                               Good news is that Idris reveals herself to be the humanoid embodiment of the Doctors own TARDIS,whose life force had been drained by House. Unfortunately the energy produced by the TARDIS is so powerful it is quickly destroying it's humanoid host. As Amy and Rory find their conceptions of each others lives and deaths endlessly toyed with inside the House controlled TARDIS,the Doctor and his own TARDIS-in-humanoid form are scrambling to construct a homemade TARDIS from the scraps around them to intercept House,Amy and Rory. Using her own telepathic circuit the doctors TARDIS is able to send a message to Rory to activate one of the Doctors old control rooms,in this case the one used by his ninth and tenth incarnations, in order to trick House into believing he'd accomplished his mission of escaping into the universe and thereby allowing the radiant energy of the TARDIS to escape back into itself. However,this brings tears and sadness to the Doctor as he's gotten to know the TARDIS in a way he never had before.

                          Over the course of Doctor Who,he's Doctor has faced very little that was totally unexpected. In this case,admittedly their were times where he was operating in the dark and even Amy and Rory picked up on this. Overall this is a story about very complex shifts in emotion. Again Amy's fears of losing Rory on their often dangerous missions with the Doctor are fodder for the malevolent and self serving House when he's taken over as the TARDIS's consciousness. By getting to know his own TARDIS in an attractive female form,the Doctor becomes fully aware not only of the TARDIS's conscious identity,but of his own personal relationship with it as well. In the end,this leads to the Doctor becoming completely emotionally vulnerable as he witnesses the TARDIS,whom he has now come to realize was more like his life partner than a time/space ship,suddenly re-enters into a state where he can no longer visually and verbally communicate with it. This in turn provides a source of concern for Rory who,as a trained nurse,finds himself deeply troubled in the same manner as the doctor when all is said and done.
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