Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Doctor Who-The Curse Of The Black Spot
                                Following the TARDIS intercepting some type of automated distress call the Doctor,Amy and Rory find themselves on a 17'th century pirate ship. Being nearly murdered as stowaways by the ships Captain Henry Avery,a former Naval commander. Seems the crew of the beleaguered vessel have encountered some type of siren,who is killing crew members every time a black spot appears on the palm of their hand. It isn't long before both crews find themselves facing the Siren herself,even to the point of Amy having to masquerade as a swashbuckling pirate in order to protect Rory from her spell. With the rational the siren is responding to water,the Doctor leads everyone to the barracks where there is no water. While there they find that Captain Avery's son Toby has stowed away following his mothers death,believing his father to still be a navy captain. After the TARDIS is abruptly whisked away and Rory is at last taken by the Siren the Doctor concludes that,between the stillness of the sea and the pirate treasure that it's the reflection that is the source of the siren's presence not the water.

                  Once Toby is taken by the siren,the Doctor comes to the realization that Siren represents an intelligence and is not killing anyone. In order to find out he convinces Amy and Captain Avery to join him in allowing them to be taken by the Siren to discover the truth. The trio find themselves on a space craft,apparently existing in the same space as the pirate ship but on a different dimensional level. Inside they find the entire crew of the ship,along with Toby and Rory,in what looks like a big hospital. When examining the fact the black spots turned out to be DNA samples it turns out that the Siren is actually a holographic doctor,pre-programmed to treat and protect any life form it encountered following the ship crashing and it's crew being killed. With the revelation the drowning Rory cannot survive off life support he asked Amy to perform CPR on him. Before leaving to do this in the TARDIS-which had transported itself to the ship,Captain Avery decides to remain on the ship and navigate it away from Earth to help his son and crew. Amy is eventually successful at saving Rory's life. Yet the questions still remains:how should the couple deal with their knowledge of the Doctors impending doom and how will he deal with knowledge of Amy's unusual pregnancy?

                 Throughout this episode are different stories of redemption. Captain Avery,upon encountering his son becomes motivated by his protective mechanisms to save him and his crew. As the Doctor pointed out,this might also have been motivated by guilt over the fact Captain Avery's avarice lead him into a life of piracy in the first place.  The story also presents a possible science fiction answer to the singing siren tale-depicting the figure as one that has hidden benevolent intentions that are merely thought of as curses due to the lack of complete scientific understanding of those aboard the pirate ship. Again the awkwardness of the relationship between Amy and Rory is played up here. Amy shows a good deal of assertiveness in this story,which at first seems to be puzzling and even mildly threatening to Rory. When faced with his own death at the end though,a concept which interestingly seems to deeply disturb the Doctor,Amy is the first person he puts his trust into to save his life.
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