Friday, November 9, 2012

Doctor Who-The Pandorica Opens-The Big Bang
                  In 1890's Provence caretakers of Vincent Van Gogh  notice a strange peculiarity in one of his paints. This is inscribed with a message that results to it being sent on to Winston Churchill during the London blitz. The only two things these evens have in common is the Doctor. For his part he and Amy are off to visit Planet One,the first planet in the universe to decipher a message left there for the doctor. The message is from River Song,who has again escaped prison in the 52'nd century. Masquerading in ancient Rome as Cleopatra,she warns the doctor of the opening of the Pandorica,an ancient and inescapable prison thought by him to be a myth. The Doctor,River and Amy manage to locate the coordinates of the Pandorica under Stonehenge by a Roman Warrior who turns out to be Rory,who remembers Amy though she does not. 

              Deciphering that ships are orbiting Earth from every adversary of the Doctor the Pandorica is opening because,as stated when confronted by his all of his nemesis at once that the explosion of the Doctors TARDIS will result in all the cracks in time and in the end of the entire universe itself. Not to mention the fact Rory is actually an Auton created by the Nestene consciousness but the Doctor bought Amy along on his travels because he began to realize that the outcome of Amy Pond's life wasn't making any sense. And further more all of the events,from the Romans to the Pandorica itself originated from Amy's own mind. The only way the Doctor feels he can conclude all this is by entering the Pandorica and sealing himself off from time inside the Pandorica as the universe comes to an end around him,while River herself plays witness to the destruction of the TARDIS as the Auton version of Rory accidentally kills Amy. Than the entire universe literally stops.

             A tween Amelia Pond finds herself confronting the Pandorica again in a starless late 20'th century,with her elder self inside after following notes left by the Doctor for her to go there. Apparently this all began when the Doctor realized that he and the Auton Rory survived the end of the universe intact for some reason. Upon using a portable time travel device,the Doctor and the Auton Rory meet up with two Amy's in the future,pulling River Song out of the time loop she was stuck in on the TARDIS because,as the Doctor soon realizes, due to the presence of a Dalek that the reason time is unraveling is that the TARDIS exploded at all points in time at once and the resulting explosion is the only thing that sustained what remained of Earth. But everything in the space/time continuum is still unraveling. 

               The only way the Doctor ascertains he can undo this enormous paradox is by using the Pandorica to enter the crack in time and use the create another big bang to "re-boot" the universe by combining the energy of the TARDIS with that of the Pandorica. Forced to re-witness a rewind of time as the cracks in time and his life comes to an end,he visits a young Amy Pond shortly after their very first encounter to remember him just as he had remembered her. Meanwhile an adult Amy Pond awakens to find her parents and the real Rory,both of whom she'd forgotten the existence of beforehand on her wedding day. At the wedding ceremony,the sight of River Song in the window and a blue book presented to her by Rory encourages her to remember the Doctor. This memory unravels the paradox once and for all and the doctor and the TARDIS,much for everyone's surprise reappears. After enjoying Amy and Rory's wedding reception,the Doctor is joined by the newlyweds on a new mission in the TARDIS to discover what actually caused the TARDIS to explode to start with.

              Doctor Who has had many stories over the decades that might qualify as being epic in nature. But the majority of them focused on a single event in time in a specific location. In this episode,a two parter I've chosen to present as one story,might very well qualify as the most sweeping epic story in Doctor Who history thus far. The Doctor is faced with a completely paradoxical unraveling of the very thing he understands and is able to control-all of time and space himself. And confronted with an alliance of all his adversaries,from Daleks to Autons at once,they actually have a logical reason in their minds for wanting to stop him. Though he doesn't know why he is the catalyst for the universes destruction.  Amy is the key either way,her life fragmented into illogical segments from the moment she encountered the crack in time and the doctor. Therefore once all is restored to normal,and the Doctor is forced to confront the deepest of emotions towards his newest companions Amy and Rory? Well there is no doubt they will be part of his journey through time and space for a good amount of time to come.
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