Monday, November 12, 2012

Doctor Who-Day Of The Moon
                               Three months following the their encounter underground with the mysterious and easily forgotten aliens,Agent Delaware has been following Amy,Rory and River all around while the doctor is under his capture being questioned about the events that occurred. Amy and Rory are captured and apparently imprisoned with the Doctor in an inescapable substance while River Song leaps off the side of a building to avoid capture. As it turns out,every bit of this is a ruse to get all of these people back aboard the TARDIS to investigate the alien situation further. The Doctor equips everyone on board with a special memory recorder in their palm which,since these aliens apparently employ a form of post hypnotic suggestion that makes people forget their faces but remember their intentions,will allow them to retain at least their own reaction upon encountering the creatures. Their first stop is to an orphanage,where the man running it not only has forgotten where all of the orphans have gone but that the facility was to have close down two months earlier.

                          While investigating Amy finds in an empty bedroom photos of herself before encountering the little girl in the space suit once again,as well as the aliens. By the time the Doctor and Rory reach her she has apparently been abducted by the aliens. Investigating back in the tunnels,Agent Delaware and River discover that the spacesuit the girl had actually escaped from contained advanced alien life support technology as well. By this time the Doctor has learned from an encounter with the alien he was able to retain knowledge of that they were in fact the Silence,aliens he'd heard reference to earlier while in 16'th century Venice and had been influencing humanities progress since virtually the dawn of humanity. Apparently all over a space suit. The Doctor is able to get inside Apollo 11 to implant a special device,using his connections with President Nixon to get himself out of the resulting sabotage interrogation. The purpose of the  device was to repeat the aliens message post hypnotically when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon to the billions worldwide watching,so they could resist the Silence without even realizing it. Bidding Nixon and Canton Everett Delaware farewell,the TARDIS grew set back out on their own adventures.

                        One could say that the idea of an alien conspiracy existing on Earth since the dawn of time and influencing humanities progress is very much a 1990's revisionist history cliche of the highest order,this Doctor Who story takes a typically quirky and even witty spin on this. For one,the purpose of the Silence on Earth is never made 100% clear. Also the Doctor is able to utilize the idea of "lost time",a phenomenon closely associated with the Roswell era conspiracy in order to turn humanity against the Silence. So unlike most stories covering this,the ending is a generally happy one. Most importantly this story offers many personal and sometimes humorous revelations of the characters. The Doctor and River Song kiss here,perhaps revealing part of their future relationship. We also learn about Amy's insecurities about her pregnancy and Rory as a father. In particular perhaps a motivating force for Canton Delaware,not only for leaving the FBI but helping out so willingly the humanitarian oriented Doctor (who actually trolls "Tricky Dicky"hilariously in the same scene)-that he Canton Delaware is involved in a biracial homosexual relationship. Definitely a character worth revisiting again perhaps. Overall an excellent story of truth and revelation on many different fronts.
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