Saturday, November 24, 2012

Doctor Who-A Good Man Goes To War
                                      Following the revelation of Amy Pond being a "flesh avatar",the doctors new phrase for a ganger,he sets about on the TARDIS to many different time zones calling in favors from Silurians,Sontarans and many other characters he has been of assistance to in the past. Meanwhile Rory,in full Roman Garb is set to retrieve River Song. But why has this all been done in the first place? Turns out the real Amy Pond is very much alive on a secret asteroid base called Demon's Run,where an eye patched lady named Madam Kovrian has been watching over Amy and her new baby Melody. There are armies of soldiers operating under the orders of overseers named headless monks to destroy the doctor. And they have a secret weapon they plan to use. But during a briefing where they receive their orders,one of the monks reveals himself to in fact be the doctor himself.

                             Than ensues a massive battle set up by many of those from the doctors other encounters in time who've owed him favors. One of the troops under Kovarian named Lorna overhears of the Madame's plans to trap the doctor,Amy and Rory and she goes to try to protect them. By this time the doctor and a number of his new companions have hacked into the Demon's Run's computer files and discovered the reason why Madame Kovarian wants Melody so badly;her DNA shows indications of time lord DNA apparently built up when Amy and Rory copulated while within the time vortex. This is cooborated soon by Kovarian herself when she reveals her wish to use Melody against him. Of course by this time,the baby Amy thinks she's escaped with turns out to be another avatar and Madame Kovarian already has the real melody. Although late,River song arrives and after espousing a strange degree of understanding against why these people are plotting against the doctor,she sends the doctor after the baby once Lorna warned them of Kovarian's plans,though too late and at her own sacrifice. With the doctor already aware,River song is forced to explain to Amy her actual identity: that she in fact is Amy's own daughter.

                        From the first time I caught eye of the River Song character in Doctor Who,it was abundantly clear that her relationship with him was about to come into very strong focus. Not to mention to protectiveness and familial relationship with Amy and Rory. Now it was not even a subject for debate that she had some time lord DNA by her abilities and knowledge of the TARDIS's operation. On the other hand I wasn't quite expecting this revelation to show up in this particular fashion. The identity of River Song was not the only significant thrust of this sprawling 48 minute epic.  As River Song so well explains upon her arrival at Demon's Run,it was only inevitable that with all of the worlds across time and space where the doctors name had been both famous and infamous for his meddling with the fabric not just of the space/time continuum but other's lives,that there would be some who would feel resentful enough to wish to take his life. This revelation,already known in the back of the doctors mind perhaps,might've been why he accepted his death at the hands of the "impossible astronaut" so willingly. Or will he actually accepted that death,again,at all.
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