Friday, November 2, 2012

Doctor Who-The Hungry Earth
                                     With the intention of taking Amy and Rory to Carnival in Rio,the TARDIS finds itself in a small Welch mining town in the early 2020's. Upon going to investigate with Amy,and leaving Rory behind the Doctor discover an enormous drill where,in the control area the Earth is opening up beneath the two people in charge, Doctor Nasheen Chaudrhy and her local assistant Tony Mack. Grabbing and Tony and Amy,but only succeeding in pulling Amy down before Tony and Nasheen stop the drill the Doctor determines from this and computer readings of the project that something is on it's way up from the Earth core. The original point of the project was to excavate an ancient blue grass containing rare mineral deposits. However something is reacting badly to this.

                          Meanwhile Rory has been mistaken for an investigator looking into recent disappearances of dead bodies at a local grave yard by a woman named Ambrose,whose husband was also taken below the surface in the same manner as Amy Pond,and her son Elliot. The Doctor,Rory,Nasheen,Tony,Ambrose and Tony then meet up and join heads to try to deal with the problem as the force coming from underground surrounds the area with an impenetrable force field. Using his strong improvisational skills to set up a series of sensors from all local cameras and electronics available the Doctor is,with the help of the savant Elliot,to help them track the intruders. Elliot himself is later captured by one of the intruders when he wanders off but the Doctor and Rory are able to track down and capture one of the intruders.

                         Turns out no one is dealing with an intruder but rather a presence from the Doctors past-the Silurians. The intruder is a female named Alaya,who claims the Silurians are still looking to reclaim the planet they understand as theirs. Having promised a distraught Ambrose and Rory he will retrieve their loved ones,the Doctor travels off in the TARDIS to investigate the situation with the help of Nasheen,who worms her way into the TARDIS as a temporary companion for him. Meanwhile Tony,who was stung by Alaya earlier,is shown to be developing green varicose veins on his shoulder in the area where he was stung. Meanwhile Amy finds herself being experimented on in an underground laboratory in the company of Elliot's rather. At the same time the Doctor and Nasheen have discovered the unexpected:an entire Silurian civilization underneath the Earth's surface.

                       This is a very special episode in the sense that it marks the first appearance of the Silurians in Doctor Who in almost forty years. Therefore it's fitting that the episode very much has that flavor of terrestrial mystery one would find in a Jon Pertwee ara Doctor Who story. The main differences though is the lack of UNIT being present and not being quite as epic in length-this being only a two part story. The continuity though is very strong. Matt Smith exhibits some third doctor-like traits in this such as a love for gadgets and problem solving,as well as his pleas for the people around him to use brain over brawn in the conflict between two humanoid inhabitants of Earth. The Doctors handling of Elliot,who is dyslexic,is empowering without being two politically correct. And the progression of the story and cliffhanger makes the next part all the more exciting to anticipate.
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