Friday, November 2, 2012

Doctor Who-Amy's Choice
                                   A married and pony tailed Rory and his very much expecting bride Amy receive a visit from the Doctor after what has been a five year separation. After catching up briefly and Rory observing everyone in their town lives into their 90's,they trio re-awaken inside the TARDIS. After a few such episodes the Doctor determines that one of the two worlds they seem to be leaping back and forth two with the sound of tweeting birds is an induced,psychically connected dream state since all three of them are sharing the precise same visions and interacting with each other within in as well. On the TARDIS side of things,it's lost all power and is drifting towards an as yet unseen cold burning star which is in danger of freezing the trio to death. On the other end the Doctor has managed to ascertain that the elderly citizens of the town are aliens known as Eknodine,who are able to inhabit humanoid bodies and offer indefinite life but also turn genuine humanoid lifeforms to sand. By this time however the Doctor,Amy and Rory are aware of the nature of this danger. A mysterious,impish man has appeared addressing himself the Dreamlord who claims to have control over the TARDIS crew's subconscious state and is doing so to prove a point to Amy about the man she wishes to chose as her life partner: either the very human Rory or the inscrutable and complicated time lord.  

                           Between both realities the Dreamlord has created the two situations;the cold burning star and the conflict with the Eknodine respectively,in order to provide a means by which Amy will make her choice. While the Doctor continues to throw off the Eknodine,the Dreamlord attempts to hold Amy inside the freezing TARDIS in order try at manipulating the choice she makes. Upon her return to the dream reality she witnesses Rory be reduced to sand by the Eknodine before her eyes,at which time she informs the Doctor she's decided this is not the correct reality after all. At this point the Dreamlord returns everyone to the TARDIS claiming it is the proper reality until the doctor realizes the truth by "destroying" the TARDIS: that both supposed realities were dreams created by dream inducing alien crystals stuck in the time mechanism,as well as Dreamlord being a manifestation of the Doctors inner doubts. They depart for their next adventure,with Rory giving Amy a genuine choice on the destination.

                        By constituting a complex plot line involving completely distorted realities and it's link to human emotion itself,this story wonderfully ties together this seasons (so far) loosely fashioned story line that Amy Pond's adventures with the Doctor,much like Ace's with the Doctors seventh incarnation,seem to be very much contrived to help Amy understand some of the psychological complexities she is continuing to run from,even while travelling inside the TARDIS. This is compounded by the fact that the Doctor realizes the Dreamlord is him all along,but chooses not to reveal that until the entire affair is over in order for Amy to understand for herself so that she can understand the importance of how her own thoughts can change the reality unfolding around her. The audience might get involved in the same experience with the story-no more sure than the main characters until the very end just what is reality and what isn't. Of course,as pointed out by Rory,the question of reality within a time machine that's bigger on the inside than out that can be anywhere in time and space is very subjective anyhow.
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