Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Doctor Who-The Almost People
                                       The ganger doctor begins to engage in a rather unusual regeneration crisis as he and the original Doctor actually decide to pair up in order to find some type of honorable way out of the battle with the gangers. The solution would seem to be to look to the mainland for assistance. But the ganger Cleaves has already thought of that,and encoded the password. In the meantime Rory and Jennifer continue their journey back back to their starting point,at which time the Doctor divides the Doctor into teams and,observing her sensitivity towards his ganger during another of his regeneration crisis's sends her with him. For their part Jennifer shows Rory a pile of gangers left to die,explaining this wrongdoing must be exposed to the world. Shortly after,however it is learned the original Jennifer has been killed. And just as the factory is about to be flooded with acid,Rory learns he has been travelling with the ganger Jennifer all along. When confronting the oddly conflicted ganger doctor,Rory and the other gangers are soon exposed to the fact that one of the workers,and therefore his ganger,is a father. This revelation of his child begins to break the others apart from the ganger Jennifer's obsession with vengeance against humanity. 

                       When the original father is killed after exposure to acid,the Doctor not only lets him understand he must now be the father but that,together the gangers and the humans must now unite together against the ganger Jennifer who is mutating further and has murderous intentions. When the TARDIS is bought underground,following the deaths of the original workers,the Doctor reveals to Amy that she'd been travelling with his ganger all along so he could learn more about The Flesh. So while the ganger doctor and Cleaves stay behind to sacrifice themselves to destroy the ganger Jennifer the original along with Amy,Rory and the other gangers return to the mainland in the TARDIS to explain the situation to the authorities and to find a better solution. There is another twist Rory must confront: the Doctor has learned from his encounter with The Flesh that the actual Amy hasn't been travelling with them for some time and he is forced to destroy the revealed ganger version. Meanwhile,before an eye patch wearing lady  the real Amy is about to give birth.

                        This emerges as an excellent story that continues on from 'The Rebel Flesh' as an excellent treatise on human rights violations. In the end,most of the gangers realize that by waging war on their creators due to their mistreatment would bring them down to their level and decide to confront their creators to plead their case peacefully. The doctor's place in this story is basically one game of misdirection after another. Much in the spirit of the seventh doctor's tendency to manipulate the events of those he cared about to create an all around good outcome,the Doctor resorts to switching places with his ganger-apparently not only to learn more about the Flesh and it's intentions,but it order to assure himself of the unreality of the ganger version of Amy.  The idea of making the family connection,to help assure and stabilize the humanity of the surviving gangers also added to this. Again it's Rory's high ethical values and spirit,when confronted with the sight of "defective" gangers piled into a massive blob that sets many of the events into motion that,as most of the best science fiction stories can do,uses the medium as a filter to point out important ethical and emotional questions one might be too afraid to ask oneself in reality.
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